The Web414 Show

The Web414 Show

This photo illustrates the new format of Web414 for 2009. It's set up like a talk show. We've got a guy (heygabe) at a desk, and a couch next to the guy with guests... Gone is the podium and standing, we're kicking out a relaxed vibe now... We also need to add a countdown clock, and a few other features, but hey, we're putting on a show now! Oh, and on the far wall, those are photos by Simon McConico of Valo Photography, which were still up from the previous night's Spreenkler meeting at Bucketworks.

Preview of Web414 Meeting

Here's a preview of the slideshow for Thursday's Web414 Meeting. It contains spoilers, so if you don't want to ruin the fun we're going to have at Bucketworks, don't look at it.

Come to Web414. Maps and Directions to Bucketworks are here. The Cafe is Open. You can has fresh Coffee. The best $2 you'll spend all day. I promise. You have no excuse.

Web414 Ideas Tag

I've started the Web414Ideas tag on Delicious in order to help gauge what kinds of topics Web414er's would like to have featured at the meetings.
The Tag is "Web414Ideas". -- It's probably case sensitive because computers are stupid that way.

Please contribute by tagging topics you find interesting!

Web414 April 2009 Meeting

2009-04-09 19:00
2009-04-09 21:00

April 2009 Web414 MeetingThursday, April 9th, 2009 — 7pm

Topics: SXSWi 2009 Recap, Results of Network Study

SXSWi happened, and you were either there, or you weren't (or you don't remember!) Join us for a recap from some of the folks who were there (and actually remember things!)

Back in 2008 Andrew Fleck used the Web414 group for a study he was doing on networks, and now that he has defended his work, he is going to share the results with us. The title of his work is "The Relationship Between Network Centrality and Temperament Intelligence Type in a Small Innovation Network: Exploring the Implications for Emergent Innovation Networks" Wow... here's an abstract:

"This study explores whether centrality in a small emergent innovation network might be related to individual temperament intelligence type when it comes to sharing new and innovative ideas. Using data from a 17-member innovation network devoted to creatively building and improving the Internet, the researcher tested whether centrality and temperament intelligence type within the network might correlate. This study reflects a multidisciplinary approach to research and practice that integrates two important fields of inquiry—social network analysis and personality theory. Combined, the two fields provide a rich analysis of the individual in relation to others in social and organizational networks that cannot be obtained solely through one approach or the other."

1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Creating and Using Video to Boost Your Brand - Thursday AM

2009-03-12 09:45
2009-03-12 11:15

Thursday March 12th morning, the Greater Milwaukee Multimedia Consortium (GMMC) is meeting at the Brookfield Public Library.

This month's topic is "Creating and Using Video to Boost Your Brand".

All are welcome. If you can come, just RSVP on our website:

I hope to see you there.
Scott Offord

Web414 March 2009 Meeting

2009-03-12 19:00
2009-03-12 21:00

March 2009 Web414 MeetingThursday, March 12th, 2009 — 7pm

Topics: Creativity Challenges, WikiBot Show and Tell

We will have a discussion about participating in creativity challenges via the web... be it taking photos, making music, or writing words... how can taking on a challenge, right out in the open, help (or hurt) your creativity? Are you better creating in private and the unleashing your work to an unsuspecting world? Let's find out...

What is a WikiBot? You may have seen one of these strange robot-like creatures at Bucketworks, but not known what it was. Jonathan Yankovich will show us what it is, and what it does.

Creativity Challenges Related Links:

1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Web414 February 2009 Meeting

2009-02-12 19:00
2009-02-12 21:00

February 2009 Web414 MeetingThursday, February 12th, 2009 — 7pm

Topics: "Show and Make" session

James Carlson will run a "Show and Make" session, where a technology is presented, and you then get some hands-on experience with it.

Here's what James had to say: I will facilitate a show and make session where participants will be given a brief demonstration of the use of Exhibit, a web-based open-source tool that takes datasets and turns them into timelines, geo-mashups, and faceted browsing experiences. The conversation will cover the basics of RDF. Participants will then be challenged to break out and create their own Exhibit using commonly-available datasets. This fast-paced exercise will give everyone who plays basic experience with RDF, faceted browsing, and mashups of datasets as well as scraping and culling data from websites.

1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Web414 January 2009 IRC Log

There is usually an IRC backchannel at Web414 Meetings... Here's the log from the Web414 January 2009 Meeting. (Want more? See the whole thing!)

19:05 <joshjs> SO IT BEGINS
19:06 -!- web414 is now known as svdodge
19:06 <svdodge> Good evening.
19:06 <joshjs> hola
19:06 <douglasawh1> w00t!
19:06 <svdodge> @joshjs I've been stalking you since I came in.
19:07 <joshjs> I tried waving at you three times, but it was always in sync with you looking away. XD
19:07 <heygabe> Hey! Where's the logger.
19:07 <heygabe> Oh!
19:07 <heygabe> Hi logger!
19:07 <heygabe> Good To see you!
19:07 <joshjs> You suck, logger. Get lost.
19:07 <joshjs> Scram, kid.
19:07 <svdodge> Hi logger!
19:08 <joshjs> Don't encourage it.
19:08 <svdodge> Don't encourage you, @joshjs
19:08 <joshjs> I don't. I wish I could quit me.
19:08 <joshjs> bucketworks is neato

Greater Milwaukee Multimedia Consortium January Meetup

2009-01-08 09:45
2009-01-08 11:00

More info at:

The "Greater Milwaukee Multimedia Consortium" holds monthly, daytime meetups in the Brookfield area.

This group is for individuals, freelancers, and small business owners interested in sharing, learning, growing, and contributing to their community in the area graphic design, video, web development, copywriting, and more.

If you have a full time job that keeps you busy during the work day, perhaps you can ask your supervisor for an early lunch, or explain how participating in the GMMC can benefit your company.

I hope to see you at this meeting.


Open Discussion, Introductions, Review Mission Statement, Guided Discussion

Mission: To facilitate growth and provide accountability in the multimedia industry, for improving the quality of our services to the Greater Milwaukee area, through regular discussion and cooperative competition.


- Discuss the "Multimedia Service Project" proposed for Milwaukee School of Entrepreneurship (discussion led by Stephanie Reynolds)
- Discuss the community action group "Common Ground" (discussion led by Scott Offord).

View Event Website

Web414 January 2009 Meeting

2009-01-08 19:00
2009-01-08 21:00

January 2009 Web414 MeetingThursday, January 8th, 2009 — 7pm

Topics: Simplifying Web Development, GroupCard

We will have discussion on complexity and simplicity in web development, and talk about what aspects of development are "too complex", what tools people use and how those tools affect workflow, and share best practices about making coding simpler. This is a language-agnostic discussion though we may talk about any web language, server or client side. Think about your own experience and be ready to share!

Also, we'll have the guys from GroupCard (a startup right here in Milwaukee) talking about how things have been for them. They were chosen as one of the five winners of Facebook's fbFund competition for their application.

1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Web414 December 2008 IRC Log

There is usually an IRC backchannel at Web414 Meetings... Here's a partial log from the Web414 December 2008 Meeting. (Want more? See the whole thing!)

18:04 [Users #web414]
18:04 [ alester] [ poseurtech] [ sgtd] [ web414_logger]
18:04 -!- Irssi: #web414: Total of 4 nicks [0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 4 normal]
18:04 -!- Channel #web414 created Sun Dec 7 05:53:14 2008
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18:04 -!- #web414 [freenode-info] why register and identify? your IRC nick is how people know you.
18:05 <web414_logger> ready to log!
18:58 <poseurtech> log this bitch!
19:08 <ddysart> can we make fun of the other groups in our backchannel?
19:09 <rohdesign> Nah nah nah nah nah Graphic Design Meetup!
19:09 <tapps> hahaha

Web414 card 2.0

Sorry for the delay in the web414 card 2.0.

Because of the delay, I'll open up domain collection until a bit after the December 2008 meeting as there is room for some more domains on the back. If you are interested, please see the post about the Web414 card 2.0 and let me know right away!

We are working on a photo concept for the front:

Don't worry about paying me, as I will collect the money only after we complete the card and order it... you will be able to pay via paypal or cash as you wish. It will be about $3 a domain.

If you need or want some more prints of the web414 card 1.0 (they are sure to be a collector's item), I still have some, so see me at the December 2008 meeting.

Thanks for your patience.

Support Bucketworks, Become a Member

Did you enjoy BarCampMilwaukee3, or MilwaukeeDevHouse3, or any of the monthly Web414 meetings we've had this year? If so, we'd like to ask you to consider becoming a member of Bucketworks.

Bucketworks + Web414

Join Bucketworks today!

For the past few years, Bucketworks has been a gracious host for Web414 events, and a good supporter of our community, and we (in cooperation with Bucketworks) would like to continue to provide these great events at no cost to those who attend. In order to do this, we're asking you, the members of Web414 to consider becoming members of Bucketworks.

Membership is cheap! Starting at just $20 a year for students, and $40 a year for individuals. If you come to DevHouse, BarCamp, and the occasional Web414 meetings, that's a great value.

Bucketworks is good for Milwaukee, and has been a great partner of Web414, and we want to do even more in 2009, so help us out if you can.

Join Bucketworks today!

We thank you for you support... and look forward to providing greatness in 2009 and beyond!

Web414 December 2008 Meeting

2008-12-11 19:00
2008-12-11 21:00

December 2008 Web414 MeetingThursday, December 11th, 2008 — 7pm

Please join the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup, Graphic Design Meetup and Web414 on Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at 7:00PM for a presentation/Q&A session by attorney Eido Walny of Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP on basic concepts every freelancer/small business owner needs to be aware of to protect themselves legally. Topics of the presentation will include:

  • Business entity selection/organization
  • What to look for in agreements & contracts
  • Tips to make sure you get paid
  • Common legal pitfalls and how to avoid them

Please RSVP with ONE of the following groups so we can get a good headcount:

1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

(Yes, it's also listed on Facebook.)

Web414 November 2008 IRC Log

There is usually an IRC backchannel at Web414 Meetings... Here's a partial log from the Web414 November 2008 Meeting. (Want more? See the whole thing!)

18:52 -!- alester [] has joined #web414
18:52 -!- web414 [] has joined #web414
18:53 < web414> hello? Is this thing on?
18:53 -!- web414 is now known as samdodge
18:53 < samdodge> whoops
18:54 -!- ikitat [] has joined #web414
18:56 < ikitat> will there be a ustream tonight?
18:58 -!- ddysart [] has joined #web414
18:58 < samdodge> I believe heygabe is setting one up.
18:58 -!- jennaddenda [] has joined #web414
18:59 -!- heygabe [] has joined #web414
18:59 < heygabe> Ahoy all!
18:59 < samdodge> hi gabe, hi jen
19:01 < jennaddenda> Hi Sam!
19:02 < jennaddenda> eek! brb
19:02 < jennaddenda> James is home

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