Web414 Rocked tonight.

Web414 has always been about its community, and I wish I was able to personally thank each and every one of you who contribute to her. I was very worried going into tonight's show that the Web414 I know and love wasn't going to be able to transcend the temporary loss of our venue partner. I need not have been concerned.
What a great show! Thanks to Ryan and Greg for sharing their stories, and to all of you for coming out to participate. Even thanks to you lazy crumbs who stayed home and watched on the ustreams. I forgot to record that feed, but we'll have the DV mixes going up on our Blip.tv feed soon enough.
Thanks especially to our friends at C2, whose gracious hosting and provision of consumables and bandwidth helped to make tonight's Web414 meeting feel like home.

Web414 is where Web414 is. Thank you for being part of it. This is going to be an exciting month for Web414. Barcamp is less than a month off, and we may even have some exciting news in the coming weeks about Web414's future.

Until then, we'll see you guys at Barcamp.

Sponsor BarCampMilwaukee4

How much does it cost to go to a conference? If it's out of town, you've got travel and lodging expense, and the cost of the conference itself. Chances are it's a few hundred dollars at least.

But wait! Did you know that BarCampMilwaukee is technology conference (or "un-conference") right here in Milwaukee?

We've held three BarCamps here in Milwaukee since 2006, and we're doing it again, as BarCampMilwaukee4 is happening Oct 3rd and 4th, 2009 at the Chase Commerce Center, right here in Milwaukee.

Cost to attend this conference? Just your participation. No money. Free. All you have to do is show up, and take part. Be an active participant in the conference. Share what you know, help out others. Teach and learn.

Sounds like a deal, right? One thing... We can only make this possible through sponsorship donations. That's where you come in.

For a standard conference, your company may spend hundreds of dollars just to get you there, but with BarCampMilwaukee4, your company can sponsor the event, and send as many people as it wants.

Sending your people is free (as long as they participate) and we're looking for sponsors to donate about $200. That's not much in the grand scheme of things.

We know budgets are down, and times are tough, but we're passionate about putting on a great participatory-conference right here in Milwaukee.

If you can help us out, please get in touch with Pete Prodoehl or Ashe Dryden. Thanks!

(Not sure what a BarCamp is? Ask Wikipedia!)

Call for T-shirt designs

You can design the next BarCampMilwaukee T-shirt. And you should. Or I will. And I like unicorns and fairies on my t-shirts.


There are a couple of catches though:

  1. Color Choices: One color for the front. One color for the back. Full size images on both. Details of the exact dimentions are forthcoming, but for now, just assume you're working from 12" by 12" image spaces.
  2. The BarCampMilwaukee Logo, which you can download here, must appear on the back of the t-shirt somewhere, in some recognizable form.
  3. There must be room for a list of sponsors on the back. Typically 12-20 sponsor names. The sponsors are the reason we can even think about providing a t-shirt. Give them a bone, eh?
  4. Have your way with the front. It should say BarCamp and Milwaukee and 4, somehow. Other than that, Bob's your uncle.
  5. The design mustbe Creative Commons licensed. The less restrictive the better. The judges will be adding bonus points based on this.

Submit your high resolution 1-color artwork By SEPTEMBER 15 to tshirt@writelarge.com.

(Image credit)

Web card 2.0 sent to printing

The web414 card has been sent to the printers at overnightprints.com; the delivery time with standard shipping is about 7 to 10 days..





Web414 September 2009 Meeting

2009-09-10 19:00
2009-09-10 21:00

September 2009 Web414 MeetingThursday, September 10th, 2009 — 7pm

Guests: Ryan Graves of SocialDremium, Greg Tracy of Sharendipity

Ryan Graves will be with us to talk about his experience with a startup, that ultimately failed. There's some lessons to be learned for every experience, and he'll share some of what he learned with us. (See his blog post SocialDreamium Lessons Learned: Bumps and Bruises Included for some background.)

We'll also be talking to Greg Tracy who runs Sharendipity, a platform that allows people to create interactive applications in a live, collaborative environment. Greg and his team also share much of what they do at blog.sharendipity.com

Our good friends over at C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions, experts in the training of creatives, will be hosting us at their facility. Be sure to thank them for putting up with us.

C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions
222 E. Erie Street, Suite 330
Milwaukee, WI 53202

(Also listed at Upcoming and Facebook.)


2009-10-03 10:00
2009-10-04 16:00

BarCampMilwaukee4Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 — 10amSunday, October 4th, 2009 — 4pm

BarCampMilwaukee4 is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. It's a technology "unconference" where the topics and sessions are proposed and presented by the participants.

Visit barcampmilwaukee.org for more info, and if you are attending you must register!

Chase Commerce Center
3073 S. Chase Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207

(Also listed at Upcoming, Facebook, and Eventful)

Buying a drobo?

Hey, in case you guys ever want to buy a Drobo, you might think about buying one using these links. If you do, your good friends at Web414 get a cut of sale, which benefits all of us, right? We can have a year-end party, or sponsor BarCampMilwaukee4, or something.

You'll need a Drobo.
You'll need some drives.
You'll want the network attachment hub thingy.

Have any of our Web414 Brothers or Sisters used a Drobo? What has your experience been? Would you like to talk about it at an upcoming meeting? DataRobotics, would you?

Web414 August 2009 Meeting

2009-08-13 19:00
2009-08-13 21:00

August 2009 Web414 MeetingThursday, August 13th, 2009 — 7pm

It's a "Social Event!"

Bucketworks is temporarily closed, so we head north to Brown Deer to the elegant Tapps Estate for this month's Web414. We have no host, and no show, so this will be a more "social" event, because we know you can't get enough of the "social" events, and we will probably have a few "Social Media Experts" on hand to discuss how to be social. (With media.)

Also, I'm told that you are welcome to bring a dish to share, or cook any food you bring, and the consumption of beverages are encouraged. For those who like "The Rock Band" there may be a chance to show your skills in the Tapps Estate Lower Level Play-Area.

The Tapps Estate
8131 N. Green Bay Road
Brown Deer, WI 53209

(Also listed at Upcoming and Facebook.)

"Pezzettino: You never know"

This is a clip from the July 9, 2009 Web414 Meeting. From the upcoming album "Lamb," Pezzettino performs "You never know."

If you're wondering what all the Pezzettino is about, you can watch the whole segment.

With that, the whole first hour of the July 9th Web414 can be watched in parts via the Web414 Blip.TV channel.

We're working on getting a better system in place for making the shows a little more watchable. Anyone with a spare Tricaster is welcome to bring it by the next meeting. We'd even invite you to the couch to show us how to run it. Until then, we hope you're happy to get these shows published for you. I think they're a step up from the UStream recordings, and I hope they're more watchable. They are a blast to produce, anyway.

July 9, 2009 Welcome and Monologue

It's the Welcome and Monologue from the July 9, 2009 Web414 Show.


There is a lot of great content to slice up and post from Thursday's meeting.
But instead I made this John December classic.

Pezzettino performs @Web414

What a great show last night. Once again, we showed how it's really about the guests and audience. Huge thanks to everyone who shared the love during the Show and Tell segment, and a special shout-out to Pezzettino, for being the Web414 Show's first ever musical guest. Listen to and buy the albums! Take the Parasite Video Challenge.

Tomorrow's Fine Amusements Today

Through the miracle of internet, I give you: Slides for the July 9, 2009 Web414 show.

It's spolieriffic!

Web414 July 2009 Meeting

2009-07-09 19:00
2009-07-09 21:00

July 2009 Web414 MeetingThursday, July 9th, 2009 — 7pm

Main Topic: Good 'Old Fashioned "Show and Tell"
Musical Guest: Pezzettino

We're going back to our roots! It's been a while since we did a Good 'Old Fashioned "Show and Tell" and with the new show format, it should more interesting that it's ever been... You are the star! Come on down and show us something you've done on the web.

We'll also have a visit from Pezzettino, who will perform for us and hopefully stick around to answer a few questions.

(Also, I know you heard Bucketworks was closed, but we are still having the meeting there.)

1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

(Also listed at Upcoming and Facebook.)

HTML5 Discussion

Html5 discussion from Web414 June 11, 2009 by Arlen Walker. 55 minutes of good stuff. I neglected to record the main camera angle for this talk, so all you got is the cutaway camera. We are a professional operation, ehy?

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