BarCamp ReCap - Web414 Notes

At the October 2010 Web414 Meeting we did a little BarCamp ReCap, discussing how BarCampMilwaukee5 went, and how we can make it better next time.

Here are some of my notes:

  • T-shirts: Start the process sooner... make it a design competition, get more people involved in the design process.
  • Sponsor logos should be printed and placed on the wall during the event. (Do a better job of thanking sponsors as well.)
  • Bucketworks really needs a PA system for announcements. /cc: Darrick Hartman
  • Get the coffee flowing earlier.
  • Try to have donuts, muffins, bagels... morning food for when people arrive.
  • Start BarCamp earlier.
  • Hold sessions before lunch. (The intros went really fast this time, unlike other years... timed intros is the way to go!)
  • Registration/Check-in: review the process. Printed papers? Print them earlier? Electronic check-in? Self check-in?
  • Vote with fire /cc: Matt Gauger
  • Pre-printed sessions sheets.
  • Pre-printed name tags (with tags you designated on the web site.)
  • 45 minutes seemed a good length for sessions. It allows for moving between room and a little bit of spillover.
  • Lightning Talks were good... I wish more people would have participated. (Maybe we need to add alcohol like other cities do?)
  • Have tables in the open area that match session room numbers for spillover conversations. (Birds of a Feather spaces/meetings?)
  • Good recording gear in each room (audio/video) /cc: Matt Gauger and Chris Larkee
  • Technology built into each space/room to make certain things easier.
  • Move to Open Atrium for organizing. /cc: James Carlson
  • Look at other cities, Chicago, Nashville, etc.. how do they do it? How do we do it?
  • Videoconferencing station to interact with people who are not there.
  • Kitchen needs and best practices. /cc: Jen Larkee
  • Examine fuse box to determine load/wiring. /cc: Chris Larkee and Jen Larkee

Also, MilwaukeeDevHouse5 will be used to focus on thinking up new ways to do things better, and then making those ideas come true. Join us at Bucketworks on Friday, December 3rd, 2010, from 5pm to Midnight, and bring your ideas!

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Fuse box

This is both a safety issue and a common sense issue: the fuse box is an industrial system, is old (and was recommended to be replaced by an electrician) and cannot safely be opened up by non-electricians.

We might still be able too determine fuse sizes though.


Idea: Do we limit people to only leading one session? You can co-lead as many as you want, but each person gets just ONE session to be the primary leader. This would allow for more people to lead sessions...


Signs on the door/wall by each session so you know what's going on when you come in half way through.