MKEPUG 10/26 - Technology Marketing and PHP Design Patterns: your first 5

2010-10-26 18:00

Today's powerful Technology Tools allow us to communicate like never before, integrating both art and science to deliver dynamic measurable results for marketing initiatives. 1 to 1 marketing, Web2Print (W2P) and Personal URLs will provide greater response and interaction, this along with aggressive customer data collection create an environment for success. Todd Thompson kicks off this business and intro section with talk about Technology Marketing. Todd Thompson is the Director of Digital at ScanGroup in Waukesha.

In the programming section, Aaron Saray will introduce you to PHP Design Patterns, explain why they're important, show you where you've seen them (and that they're not that scary). Finally, he will cover the first five design patterns you need to know.

As usual, Bucketworks at 6p.m.