We don't need no stinking badges... or do we?

I had this idea to award badges to people for their involvement in Web414. (We're talking about the little icons you get for participating in online activities, not real-world physical badges.)

So for Web414 we'd have:

  • Guest Badge - be a guest on the Web414 Show
  • Host Badge - host the Web414 Meeting/Show
  • Sidekick Badge - be the sidekick for the Web414 Meeting/Show
  • N00b Badge - first timer? You get this one
  • Photographer Badge - take photos of a Meeting/Show and publish them online
  • Videographer Badge - shoot video of a Meeting/Show and publish it online

That's all I got. Fun? Stupid? Interesting? Useless?


I like the idea, have samples I created for a non-profit event I can show if anyone is interested.

Also have the software to created them


How fun! Would these be

How fun! Would these be self-applying badges? I log in, go to my acct, and say "I am a host/photographer, whatever"?

More badges!

Badges ++

  • Shout something off color badge.
  • Disagree with the host/expert and voice it badge.
  • Bring a snack badge.
  • Add 10 items to "Web414Ideas" Badge.
  • Blog on web414 badge.
  • Blog _about_ web414 badge.
  • Teach something at Web414 badge.
  • Develop a complicated manifesto about Web414's governance that no-one wants to adopt badge.
  • Bring a monkey to Web414 badge.
  • Attend without a laptop badge.

Crap. Now the word "Badge" has no meaning.

HeyGabeBot says...

I think there should be badges.