2010-09-11 19:30

2807 S. Herman St.
Milwaukee, WI 53207


Why, you! MKE Hacker House is for geeks, nerds, hackers, coders, musicians, artists, writers, makers, doers, thinkers, dreamers, and dancers. Especially dancers!


A get-together to Get Stuff Done. Sometimes we all need a little motivation, a little discussion, and a lot of laptops in one room to be productive. Even if you don't, consider coming and starting a new project, dusting off an old project, or joining an open source project!

For more details, see MKE Hacker House

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I am giving this idea away for free...

It's call the Catreggator and would be a web site where you aggregate the Twitter feeds of all of the cool cats on Twitter... @tafferinspace @moethecat @SoxTheFatCat etc... thrown in some cat photos and you're golden.

Let me know when it's up and running and I'll alert the VC's.