Ideas, we got ideas!

Some people submitted ideas for Web414 topics... here they are!

mathiasxmathiasx @web414 I propose a session on hacking your social graph for jobs and clients.

thebestsophistthebestsophist @web414 would love it if someone (more knowledgable than me) would talk about javascript libraries and screen reader accessibility

robberronesrobberrones @web414 Progressive Enhancement - What is it and how to use it.

ashedrydenashedryden @web414 I think we should make @kevron talk about RDF

tomhenrichtomhenrich @jennaddenda I suggested @raster rail against all the evil corporations in the world. He seemed to think we'd need more than @web414's 2hrs.

bEx_x3dbEx_x3d @web414 Object-oriented programming. Web on mobile devices

ckittelckittel @web414 Setting up a secure, single-server, shared hosting environment. Complete w/ server-side scripting options, DB options, & a web panel

ckittelckittel @web414 anything from a turnkey solution to building it piece-by-piece. Would prefer a Linux stack, but a MSFT stack would be useful too.

We'd give you more but Twitter is choking on it's lunch right now...