Teecycle Payback Time!

Back in July 2008 we had a guest at Web414, it was Tim from Teecycle. He talked a little bit about what Teecycle was, and he took some photos. If you weren't there, and haven't had a chance to meet Tim, we can tell you, he's an all-around nice guy!

Fast-forward to July 2010... Tim's house flooded, and he and his family can't even live in it right now. Major Bummer as far as Bummers go.

But there's hope! People are pitching in any way they can, and there's even a fundraiser being organized.

Web414 people... if you can help Tim, or even just provide some words of encouragement, please do. Let's show people we're not just a community of hardcore web geeks, but a community who cares about people, even if they aren't hardcore web geeks.

website coming soon

fyi, there will be a website dedicated to this. it's still being populated with info, but if you check back tomorrow-ish, you can redirect people to saveteecycle.org for info and to help out.