MKEPUG: 8/10/10 - Kforce presents the marketplace and hiring tips / PHPed IDE by NuSphere

2010-08-10 18:00

Beginner / Business Presentation
Kforce and Christa Schroeder, Technology Recruiter and Aaron Stratman, Market Director
Kforce will provide an overview of both their organization and the current marketplace. In addition, provide resume writing tips and other ideas to prepare you for a job search. Please bring your questions as they would be happy to answer anything specific you might have as well. The time will be split between Kforce/The Marketplace/Working with Recruiters, Resume Writing and Open Questions.

Advanced / Tips and Tricks Presentation
PHPed IDE by NuSphere
Greg Ryan
PHPed by NuSphere provides an integrated editing, debugging and
profiling tool for the development of PHP code. Built-in browsers,
MySQL monitors and server side debugging allow the programmer to step,
monitor and evaluate code on a line by line basis with watch and break
points. Although not an open source product, the capability and
advantages that the product offers may make the purchase of a licence
an easy decision.
PHPed runs on a Windows or Linux platform and can run on Mac via Wine
or Parallels.

Kforce is bringing Pizza - so come hungry! Were you wondering what Kforce is? WEll...
Kforce (Nasdaq:KFRC) is a professional staffing and solutions firm providing contract and permanent staffing solutions in the specialty skill areas of: Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare and Government Solutions. Kforce has over 1,900 staffing specialists across 63 offices in 41 markets in North America and two in the Philippines, bringing the value of over 45 years of experience to your career development needs. Locally to Wisconsin, we have offices in Milwaukee and Madison with an impressive team of over 25 staffing specialists.

ALL THIS AND MORE at Bucketworks on 5th and National at 6p.m.

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