MKEPUG - 6/8 - Wordpress Themes and Google API Programming

2010-06-08 18:00

Milwaukee PHP Users Group
Bucketworks: 6/8 6p to 8p. Monthly meetup. Check it out. Two presentations:

Beginner: Ann Junker
Taking an existing Wordpress theme and changing it up with CSS
I will be using an existing Wordpress theme, like the default, and showing some basic CSS techniques to customize it for a new look. This will include making a new theme within Wordpress so you're not overwriting the original theme.

Advanced: Orlando Medina
Google API's-Why should a PHP guy or gal care about it?
Google, they're here to organize the world's information, ever wondered how you can harness that in your projects? Want to learn a little javascript to make you look like a superstar? Ever wondered how to do one of those cool mashups in your PHP projects? If you answered yes to any of those questions we're here to help. Join the session. (You may not be a superstar afterwards, but we will help your projects look cool.)