Friend in Need

Nikol, Jen, Gabe, and LarryWeb414 Alum Nikol Hasler needs some dental work. Here's a way you can help her out.

The eponymous Matthew Wayne Selznick, author of the sublime "Brave Men Run" novel, puts it this way:

Folks, Nikol Hasler has been educating youth (and making them - and us - laugh) with The Midwest Teen Sex Show since 2007. She's a pioneering podcaster and a real friend of the new media community.
She's also a crazy-talented author and columnist -- in fact, writing is how she pays the bills.
Writing is also something that's very freakin' hard to do when you have a broken molar sending throbbing, continuous pain through the side of your face.

Sure, she's not in the 414 anymore, but she's still one of our own. Chip in, if you can.