Planning for March 11th show

Hey! We got a Web414 comin' up.

I'm proposing the following tweaks for the March 11 meeting:

1. I would like to have the Web414 show start at 7:30 and run to about 9 at the latest. This means that we'll start the welcome and introduction segment at about 7. WHAT?!?! Yeah. that's right. I'd like to move the community building stuff outside of the flow of the show, but not outside of the event. Community building is too important to skip over. But stopping the show to go around and introduce ourselves interrupts the watchability of the show later.

2.This also means that there isn't going to be an intermission. There may be a short break, but I'd like to do away with the 10-minute stop and talk in the middle of the show. Instead, we'll take a 1-2 minute video break, I think.

3. Is the old Web414 set still available? Or do we need a new set? Who wants to take the lead on having a set set up for me?

4. I want to stream the show live, and plan to, but it depends entirely on the venue.

Proposed Agenda
1. Welcome.
2. Creative Commons/Cameras disclaimer.
2.5 Spin the Wheel of Web414 Ideas.
3. We will watch a video together.
3. Discussion and talk with Nate from http://ItStartsWith.Us
3. ???
4. Jason "LittleTinyFish" is using his Tumblr powers for good instead of evil, and will rally the Milwaukee Tumblrs for discussion about tumblr, tumblelogging, and the awesome MKE Tumblr community.
5. We will watch a video together.
5. Informal discussion of your camping plans for 2010. (
6. Web414++

Suggestions, additions and discussion? Post it here.

I'd also like to suggest

I'd also like to suggest bringing back the hypnotoad


I will assist with video, and serve as the "gateway" as well.