Rohde Guest Blogging on 37-signals

Go Mike! All Hail Mike Rohde, who's continued commitment to chronicling the process of excellence has landed him a guest slot on the 37-signals Signal Vs. Noise blog.
In this first of two-parts, Mike, a longtime Web414 member and friend of the Milwaukee tech and visual thinking communities, explains how he came to land his recent gig illustrating the 37-signals book REWORK and what the process was for turning ideas into art for the book.
I have especially enjoyed reading the comments (I know! Right?) that follow Mike's article; Love and appreciation for Mike's work is quickly growing beyond a Web414 phenomena.
Spread the love. Tell your friends. Order REWORK.

Thanks Gabe!

I appreciate the mention Gabe. It's been a great honor to illustrate this book and a long time in the works too!

I think it does show how a long-term approach to meeting and staying with people can pay off.