February Meeting Recap

February's meeting turned out great. We had a lot of really awesome, engaging discussions about people's workflow as well as the future of web development with a discussion on frameworks vs CMSs. Matt Gauger wrote a recap of the meeting on his blog.

Part 1: Workflow
-What do you use for bug tracking?

Mantis, Trac, Bugzilla, Pivotal Tracker, Intervals

Hacking OpenAtrium case tracker to support bug tracking
What do photographers use? (Photographer Workflow)

* Lightroom, Photoscape (John December)
* The DAM book: thedambook.com

Bandwidth, backups

* There isn’t enough upload bandwidth to mirror all your content if you have a lot of data.
* Everyone sign up for Google’s fiber program.
* Amazon S3(Jungle Disk), Dropbox, Carbonite.


Part 2: Frameworks versus CMSes

A web application framework has some things written, but things like delivering web pages is up to the coder. -> An incomplete web application, a framework that you hang your business logic on.

Arlen: “The future of the web is in frameworks, not in CMSes.”

* Every CMS does things its own way. “one size fits all.”

Arlen: ”I’m fighting the CMS. The CMS has a way it wants to do things. I have to write the business logic in such a way that the CMS can do it. Every CMS brings in POV.”

The big three of CMSes:

* Drupal
* Joomla
* Wordpress

Example web app frameworks: PHP:

* CakePHP
* Zend
* CodeIgniter (behind ExpressionEngine)

Other languages:

* Ruby on Rails for the Ruby language.
* Django for Python
* Catalyst for Perl
* Seaside for Smalltalk
* Lift for Scala.
* ASP.NET MVC or .NET Webforms

Derek: “Are we arguing the semantic difference between being a developer and being an integrator?”

Go read the full wrap up here.