Everybody's Web.

Since I won't be at tonight's meeting, I wanted to tell you guys something.

I like this comment on Read-Write-Web. It inspired me to write a post at Writelarge.com that pretty much sums up how I feel about Web414. Web414 is for the people who are working together to make The New Web. It's about people who want to build cars, make art, raise families and dance in new ways using the web as a platform.

We do that by learning and using and talking together once a month. That's Web414 at its core. And no amount of tinkering can break that. But let's not try, ok?

I try to remind everyone in the audience at each of our Web414 meetings that it is our community that makes us special. That we are greater than the sum of our parts. That we can make a new web that is better and brighter and more opener for ourselves and our kids and our partners and our friends and our neighbors. That we add value to the world just by showing up and being part of a community that embraces openness and collaboration for the greater good.

Web414 is your party, Milwaukee. Enjoy it!