PHP User Group : PHP to save Time / PHP Debugging

2010-01-26 18:00
2010-01-26 19:00

706 S 5th St
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Two presentations this week.

Intro/Designer/Business Segment:
PHP to Save Time: Aaron Saray
Your static page websites can benefit from a few snippets of PHP. Find out how to save time by including files, generating dynamic menus, highlighting active portions, and generating meta data and other header information. Intro PHP programmers will receive cut and paste code segments with a bit of description of 'why these work.'

Second Half: Advanced PHP Concepts:
Intro to PHP Debugging: Joel Clermont
If you're happy using var_dump or print_r to troubleshoot pesky PHP problems, I'll make the case why a real debugger is a better use of your time. Next, I'll demonstrate the basics of a typical debugging session using Zend Studio and Zend Server CE. Includes demo!

For more information, see Milwaukee PHP User Group meetup page

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FYI - this event is canceled.

FYI - this event is canceled.