Web414 May 2007 Meeting

2007-05-10 19:00
2007-05-10 21:00

May 2007 Web414 MeetingThursday, May 10th, 2007 — 7pm

MSOE Student Organization Conference Room (3rd Floor of Campus Center)
1025 North Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Directions to the room are as follows.

  1. Enter Student Center at 1025 N. Broadway
  2. Take elevator immediately inside door to 3rd floor
  3. Turn right coming out of the elevator
  4. Continue walking towards far wall (flashing bookstore sign)
  5. Enter "hallway" under sign
  6. Turn right at end of hallway

Tim Bailen has offered to do a presentation/demo on Ruby on Rails. Here is his description: Ruby on Rails lets you create dynamic websites easily! It was designed to make programmers happy by making common tasks easy and code short and beautiful. I'll walk through the first few examples from the excellent "Agile Web Development with Rails" book. We'll take a look at a "Hello World" app to get a feel for the basic structure of a Rails application. Then we'll create a management interface (add/edit/delete) for a database of books in a catalog. Rails makes it inviting for programmers to do things "the right way", and you'll see how that translates into straightforward HTML templates for the web designer.

Mike Rohde also offered to talk briefly about iStockPhoto. We would probably still have time for at least one more short demo. If you have an idea, post it in the comments so we can set aside time for it.

(This event is also listed at Upcoming.org and Facebook.)

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