January 2007 Meeting

Web414 MeetingThursday, January 11th, 2007 — 7pm

IT Fusion Business Center 633
633 W. Wisconsin Ave Suite 700
Milwaukee, WI 53203

We kick off the new year with our second Web414 meeting at the IT Fusion Business Center in downtown Milwaukee. John December will be doing a presentation (see the comments for more on this.) For future meetings we will be looking for volunteers to do presentations so if you want to present, demo something, or have a specific topic you would like to discuss, leave a comment.

January Meeting

I like the idea of scheduled presentations, keep up the good work.

BarCampMadison Sponsorship?

At the January meeting, let's discuss sponsoring BarCampMadison. Now that we don't have any costs for Meetup, would anyone else in Web414 be willing to kick in a few bucks to sponsor BarCampMadison? It would be cool if Web414 could be a sponsor. Can we raise $100 between us?


Sponsorship sounds like an excellent idea. It will raise community awareness of Web414, too. I'll bring some money to pitch in.

Web publishing / study / life

I'd be glad to say a bit about Web publishing. Somewhat along the lines of the presentation from BarCamp and in the same spirit of BarCamp, with audience-driven questions. The other thing I could talk about is the study of the Web itself. There are many organizations out there doing research into what people do on the Web and why, such as the Pew Center. Interesting stuff, and it can inform Web developers. I also could talk about my approach to earning a living as a Web publisher--my approach is to have a very, very simple implementation of some simple, yet useful, information and to maintain this simplicity in my business model, practices, etc., and my life. This perspective might be helpful to entrepreneurs.

Re: January meeting

  • I hope to have an interactive discussion, but I've posted charts for reference at:

  • Could someone bring a projector? I would also need to borrow a laptop if possible. If not, participants can just use their computers during the talk.



I believe Justin said he could probably get a projector this month. Does anyone else have access to a projector we could use for future meetings?


John, you are welcome to use my iBook for the presentation.