Internet Security: Protect Your Devices, Your Websites & Yourself - Web414 March

When: Thursday, March 8, 2012
Where: Bucketworks - 706 South 5th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

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Security issues online hit the news every day.  How do you keep yourself and your web projects from becoming a victim of poor security measures?  In this month's Web414 meeting you will learn security issues and best practices that Developers, Sysadmins, or anyone working with the web should be aware of.

The format will start with short talks by four professionals working directly with security issues.  Following their short presentations they will be available in a Panel-style Q&A discussion.

Dan Walters and dc414 will be showing off and describing the Wall of Sheep, a demonstration of poor internet security. Described as "This comes straight from the DEFCON event where users can pluginto a switch and passively sniff any traffic on the local network. From there, users submit insecure credentials going against the wire to the Wall of Sheep.  This is essentially a list of usernames and passwords (passwords would be masked) and shown to the public.  It's a demonstration meant to educate and provoke security online."

Topics to Expect:

  • SSL, CSRF, XSS, SQLI: Learn to crack the code
  • Apache Security
  • Wordpress and CMS Security
  • ...and more

The Panel:

  • The1T3
  • Ngharo
  • Clint Laskowski
  • Dan Walters
  • Panel moderator: Dustin Filippini

This month's sponsor is OpenDNS.  They will be providing the group with Pizza to keep our stomachs secure from hunger.  They have also provided some OpenDNS schwag that we will be giving out at the event.

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