Web414 Event Coordinator

In our ongoing commitment of service to the Internet and web technology community, Web414 is pleased to announce the creation of a new administrative position within our organization. Please join me in welcoming Clint Laskowski (@Clint326) as your new Web414 Event Coordinator.

Clint will be taking our ideas and suggestions for monthly meeting topics, and then following up with the legwork required to make them happen. Clint has professional experience in meeting coordination and is looking forward to applying that experience to benefit the Web414 organization. Clint’s goal is to create and maintain a monthly meeting schedule as far in advance as possible, so start sending your ideas!

In Clint’s own words, “I think the more we can set standards (meeting dates, meeting formats, topic calendar, etc.) the easier it will be for everyone to climb on board this new Web414 train”.

Please feel free to contact Clint directly with your ideas for monthly meeting topics, and any related questions you may have. Welcome Clint, and thank you for steeping up to the plate. We all look forward to the exciting and informative monthly meetings you will be coordinating from our suggestions!

David Brixius
Organizer - Web 414