Social Media Coordinator

In our ongoing commitment of service to the Internet and web technology community, Web414 is pleased to announce the creation of a new administrative position within our organization. Please join me in welcoming Benjamin Pett (@benrobn) as your new Web414 Social Media Coordinator.

Benjamin’s responsibilities as Social Media Coordinator will include maintaining Web414’s social media interfaces (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and streaming our monthly meetings live via our Web414 channel ( Benjamin’s focus will be on providing the latest news and informative updates to our members and enthusiasts, to keep them engaged, while also providing an interface for those who are unable to participate in our activities directly. In Benjamin’s own words, “I think, over the long term, it will also help us discover the strengths and passions of all of our members and get them more involved”.

Please feel free to contact Benjamin directly with any publicity or social media related questions. Welcome Benjamin to Web414, we thank you for your contribution and appreciate your service.

David Brixius
Organizer - Web 414