Web414 Website Makeover

We are currently assembling a team of designers and developers for an ambitious overhaul of the web414.com website. If you are a designer or developer and want to showcase your work on the Web414 website, please contact Web414 Organizer Dave Brixius (@coderDx).

The goal is to make the web414.com website into a collaborative sandbox environment where all flavors of Internet and web technology have a place to be represented. We will create a strong core (probably using Drupal) and build in extensibility that allows for growth in the direction of the other individual technologies.

The way it will work is once the core is in place, suppose a Ruby developer comes forward and has an idea to add some really cool functionality created in Ruby. That person or persons will be given a directory and the developer environment required to create their branch of functionality. They will also be given the ability to link or un-link their work to the core web414.com website as needed.

This is an exciting opportunity for new and aspiring developers and designers, as well as seasoned professionals, to gain valuable experience and get their feet wet in a prominent, public facing arena, and have some fun while doing it! It is also a great opportunity to work in a team environment that will be based on agile best practices.

If you feel this is something you would be interested in, and could benefit from, please contact me and we’ll get you on the team!

Thank you,

Dave Brixius
Organizer - Web414


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New Site

Being as the new site will also be created using Drupal, the user interface will remain the same. Useful functional elements will also be preserved. The goal is to polish the site up visually, and provide extensibility for innovative new features. I would assume we have creative thinkers in our midst that have fresh new ideas they want to try out.

Let's Think This Through

While I like the idea of allowing others to build on to the Web414 site, I also must say that I really like the web414.com website the way it is now. I think it is a really clean, simple, and easy to use site, and I hope we don't loose the current User Interface

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