A New Day

When I woke up this morning, my head was filled with much excitement over the great opportunities that lie ahead for us. At the same time, I was also filled with a great sense of gratitude for being selected to serve on the heels of all those who came before me. Before we move forward, I would like to take a few moments and express my gratitude to but only a few of those who have made Web414 what it is today.

First, I wish to give thanks to Pete Prodoehl(@raster). Pete’s five years of tireless service and dedication to Web414 are what has made the organization what it is today, and without which, I would not be here today delivering this message. Thank you Pete. You are very much appreciated.

Second, I would like to mention the BucketWorks organization(@bucketworks), along with James Carlson(@hypnagogic) and Jenn Turner(@Jennaddenda), without whose ongoing support, we would not have a place to hold our meetings. Thank you both very much.
And Lastly, I want to express are great many thanks to everyone that came out last night to our June meeting. Each and every one of you did or said something to make me feel very welcome and at home. Thank you all for allowing me to become such a big part of our organization.

That being said, I would now like to take a few moments and describe some of my vision for the future of Web414 going forward.

We are the public face of web and Internet technology in SE Wisconsin. As such, I feel we have a responsibility to achieve and maintain our place at the leading edge of that technology always. I also feel that together, we have an incredible amount of knowledge, talent, and motivation at our disposal to accomplish and maintain that position. But we do face challenges along the way.

The first action I am taking in my new position will be organizational. Supporting an organization the size I am hoping we will grow to will require growth in our infrastructure. I am preparing for this now by defining and implementing specific administrative positions within our organization.

The first such position has already been defined and filled. Please join me in welcoming Dustin Filippini(@dustyf) as the new co-organizer of Web414. Dustin indicated an interest in helping support the organization early on, and is now a proud member of our administrative team. Dustin will work alongside me and will be involved in the day to day operations of the organization. Welcome Dustin.

A second position we are creating is an event coordinator position. This will be the person who’s main responsibility will be to arrange and ensure exciting and informative presentations, speakers, and discussions for all of our monthly meetings. We are currently working with a person of interest for this position, and will make a public announcement as soon as there is one.

Additionally, I would also like to see a communications coordinator, technology coordinator, and possibly other positions be created. So look for these and other positions to be created as they are needed and defined.

I really can’t go too much further into the crystal ball at this time. But I can tell you I have many exciting ideas for the Web414 organization, as well as our direction moving forward. I promise to keep everyone in the loop whenever there is news or cool new stuff to see. There will certainly be more of that once our administrative and organizational chores are out of the way. Please stay tuned, as there is MUCH more to come!

Thank you,

Dave Brixius
Organizer - Web414


Dave, let's plan something together this fall. Perhaps a joint meetup effort between web414, PHP Users Group, and the Milwaukee Wordpress Meetup. Scott

Joint MeetUp

We'll call it MeetUpAlooza!

My Thoughts

I see what you're saying. I did touch on that point on Thursday when I said that I will try to keep as much as possible the way it is now, yet at the same time, pursue change and growth for us and the web414 organization. But I want there to be room for everybody. I don't plan to formalize web414 beyond the appeal of anybody.

On one hand, I'd like to create opportunities for newcomers(and oldcomers) to use their web414 contribution and experience as a stepping stone to something bigger. At the same time though, I'd like our meetings to be an enjoyable, relaxing experience for anyone who just wants to come and hang out.

Our members shall always be allowed to contribute as much, as little, or nothing at all, as only they see fit, not as we do. Please give it some time, it'll make more sense as we go.

I hope this helps. If you want to talk more about this please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you,

Dave Brixius
Organizer - web414


Isn't it sort of defeating the un-conference-esque spirit of Web414 to treat it like a full-out organization, though? Part of the appeal of groups like Web414 is specifically that it doesn't take itself seriously.
It's just a group of people with some common interests getting together informally to discuss... whatever. Tech. Photography. Publishing. Whatever it is we can come up with for a given month's session.
Rock on with taking charge of the group and being fired up about keeping it going, but let's all make sure we stick to the basis of what makes Web414 unique -- just having fun. If we try to serious it up, it'll lose something. Its essence, so to say.