MKEPUG: 3/8 Intro to Memcached and Bring your Laptop/Solve a problem

2011-03-08 18:00

Jason anderson presents Memcached and Storing Custom Class Objects in Memcached
Take some of the pressure off your database and cache your objects in memory with Memcached ( Memcached allows you to make that heavy database query only when needed and return the same results to many different users across many different page loads. We will cover the basics on how to add and remove objects from Memcached. Then we will dive into some more complex uses such as storing class objects which contain data from
multiple Memcached objects.

The second half of the meetup - Bring your laptop / solve a problem!
Bring your laptop and your current project. Sit around with other programmers and show off what you've been working on or ask if they can help you figure something out. MKEPUG's first co-programming meetup ever!

@bucketworks in the meetup room