Tuesday January 11, 2011
Start: 6:00 pm
End: 8:00 pm

Birthday bash!!! We'll have sponsors (this means food and drink! - come hungry and thirsty)
We'll give a brief history of the first year of the MKEPUG organization. Talk about where we want to go. We'll get feedback from you on what you want to see in 2011 and how we can server our members better. We'll also talk a little bit about what's new in PHP world this upcoming year (features, releases, conferences).
The second half, Pete Prodoehl will present "PHP Hacking: The battle between great ideas and not so great code"

Thursday January 13, 2011
Start: 7:00 pm
End: 9:00 pm
Thursday January 20, 2011
Start: 6:00 pm
End: 8:00 pm

Share with the Drupal Community! Pick a topic or area of interest and share it. Come for help. Dinner will be served, please sign up.

LOCATION: C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions - 222 Erie Street - Suite 330 - Milwaukee, WI

6:00 to 6:15 --- Dinner and Conversation
6:15 to 7:05 --- Am I ready for Drupal 7 discussion. Greg Wheatly - Differences in Drupal 7; Steve Klebar – Contributed Modules.
7:05: to 7:15 --- Desert Break
7:15 to 7:50 --- Drupal Tune-ups - Bring your Drupal issue to the meetup for brainstorming, troubleshooting tips and possibly a fix.
7:50 to 8:00 --- Next Steps - Discussion on the presentations, areas of interest and topics for our next meetup.

CONTACT: In the event that you have any questions or suggestions for future topics please contact Steve Klebar at 414-737-2596 or email

Tuesday February 08, 2011
Start: 6:00 pm

Intro to NoSQL
David Brixius
Dave will be giving us an introduction to NoSQL - make sure to stop by - as this is one of the highest rated ideas on our site for people wanting to know more!

PHP Fog: The Future of PHP Hosting
Joel Clermont
Ruby has Heroku and now PHP has PHP Fog. A common problem for PHP developers is how to easily deploy their applications to a solid server platform that is fast, reliable and scalable. PHP Fog is a new startup that aims to solve that problem for PHP developers. Best of all, PHP Fog supports many common applications (WordPress, Drupal, Zend Framework, etc) so it's not just for hardcore PHP engineers. I will demonstrate how this works and talk about the pros and cons of this type of service. For those that are interested, 10 invite codes will be made given away for the private beta of PHP Fog. You must be present to receive a code.

At Bucketworks - 6:00p.m.

Thursday February 10, 2011
Start: 7:00 pm
End: 9:00 pm
Tuesday March 08, 2011
Start: 6:00 pm

Jason anderson presents Memcached and Storing Custom Class Objects in Memcached
Take some of the pressure off your database and cache your objects in memory with Memcached ( Memcached allows you to make that heavy database query only when needed and return the same results to many different users across many different page loads. We will cover the basics on how to add and remove objects from Memcached. Then we will dive into some more complex uses such as storing class objects which contain data from
multiple Memcached objects.

The second half of the meetup - Bring your laptop / solve a problem!
Bring your laptop and your current project. Sit around with other programmers and show off what you've been working on or ask if they can help you figure something out. MKEPUG's first co-programming meetup ever!

@bucketworks in the meetup room

Thursday March 10, 2011
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