With the number of freelancers on the rise and the number of those freelancers working outside of their homes, there has been a strong movement for coworking groups. A small group will gather at a local coffee shop, restaurant, or other business to work side by side with their colleagues. This comes in handy when you have a bit of code you are stuck on or you just need some positive social interaction.

Current Coworking Groups
Ashe Dryden holds a weekly coworking session at Bucketworks every Monday from 6-8(ish)pm (begins 9/6/10).

Are you unavailable to make it to the above coworking group(s) because of distance or date? Contact the leader of the session to see what other availability they may have, start your own group (and let us know so we can post the details for you here!), or check out the Coworking Wiki for other groups in your area.

Coworking at Bucketworks

Could you tell me more about this coworking group that meets at bucketworks, please?

Jon Knebel
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