BaseCamp Demo?

We've got about three months under our belt using BaseCamp as our Project Manager in our Marketing Department.

Any interest in a BaseCamp demo/discussion for an upcoming Web414?
I want to show it to some folks who might be able to help me make better use of it.

37-signals (the publishers of basecamp) don't do demos, but I'd be happy to give one. And ask for a Barcamp Sponsorship. :)


MilwaukeeDevHouse1 Wrap-up

We held a little event called "MilwaukeeDevHouse1" on March 14, 2008 at Bucketworks, where people came together to "party with laptops" as it were. The event was modeled after SuperHappyDevHouse which originated in the Bay Area.

Jason, Kevin, and 4braham

So what happened at our little DevHouse? People hung out and worked on... well, whatever they wanted to. At one point Jon Thoms, Master of Flash, asked me what we were going to work on, and we somehow managed to hook him up with two guys with a startup that needed some Flash component. Matt Pickard taught Jeramey about clipping paths. Tracy did some crazy photo manipulation project. Nikol did... I'm not sure, but she was there... 4braham planned out some crazy Twitter mashup idea. Mike and his son Nathan scanned in drawings and made a book. KeVroN discussed when not to use Drupal, and I strung a guitar.


Things were in full swing from about 7PM on, with about 30+ people at the high point. We had food and drinks (mostly provided by Web414 folks) and ended up ordering pizza and wings later in the night. There were many photos taken, and I even made a video.

(Jeramey is already planning MilwaukeeDevHouse2, so I guess we'll call MilwaukeeDevHouse1 a success.)


I thin I left my EyeToy WebCam at Bucketworks at MilwaukeeDevHouse1. Have any of you seen it?
Found! Thanks James!

Way to represent,

As our warrior troop from returns from the F1-Challenge, I thought I'd take a second here to thank the team for representing Milwaukee's Web Community. I have no doubt you represented well. Those of us still in Milwaukee'll have to wait until the gang is back in town for some first hand accounts, but if you just can't wait, I suggest you enjoy this shining molment:

"It's not 1999."

BarCampMilwaukee2 Video

Web414 Video Master David Overbeck at Korporate Media lovingly crafted this video highlighting BarCampMilwaukee2, and I have lovingly uploaded it to Ourmedia and to

BarCampMilwaukee2 Video

In the time since the first BarCampMilwaukee held in 2006, we've come a long way. The folks at Web414 have become a great force behind events like these. Web414 also helped sponsor BarCampMadison in 2007 and the recent DrupalCampWisconsin. Our next crazy idea is MilwaukeeDevHouse with MKEDH1 taking place March 14, 2008. (And hopefully BarCampMadison2 in April 2008.)

We've built quite the tech community here in Southeastern Wisconsin, and BarCamps in Milwaukee just keep getting better. People are sharing, learning, and making new friends along the way. Enjoy the video... and we hope to see you at the next big thing.

Web Design Meetup This Wednesday @ MATC...

This month, I will be presenting on 10 easy things you can do to dramatically improve SEO in every site you develop. Please come out and share your SEO knowledge and experience. I am going to make sure we get some good discussion in this time.

Wednesday, Feb 27th
6:00 PM
MATC - see map at link below

Click here to RSVP

Feb. 21, 2008 Ustream Videos.

Picture 1
Due to some strangeness with the feed, the Ustream videos from the Feb. 21, 2008 meeting are in three pieces.

Please enjoy:

MilwaukeeDevHouse, FTW?

MilwaukeeDevHouse, FTW? Presentation

I gave a presentation at Web414 last night about MilwaukeeDevHouse.

Because I am FAIL! at using office suites, I did the presentation in S5, and it's called MilwaukeeDevHouse, FTW?

MilwaukeeDevHouse1 will be taking place Friday, March 14th, 2008 at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Get there around 7PM, stay until you fall over.

Photos in the presentation provided by Scott Beale aka Laughing Squid. Inspiration for MilwaukeeDevHouse courtesy of SuperHappyDevHouse... Thanks yo!

(Originally posted at RasterWeb!)

What will you do at MilwaukeeDevHouse1?

MilwaukeeDevHouse1 MilwaukeeDevHouse1 will take place March 14, 2008, and we hope to see you there.

Sure, we hope to combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere, but what do you plan do when you are there?

SuperHappyDevHouse23 just took place, and here's a few things people had on their TO DO list for it:

  • solar-powered Arduino
  • Hello World in Adobe Air
  • home automation web UI
  • trying to learn how to write a stored proc in Postgresql
  • reading about hotel software.
  • Working on a coupl'a Facebook apps
  • Working on a random heatmap overlay generator

I've already had one person say "I'll bring nasty toxic chemicals to etch PC boards and make something" so already, we're looking at something interesting happening. :)

Looking for help...

Frogneck is looking for help. We're a LAMP shop (PHP, not PERL), and we need a developer with PHP, CSS layout, and javascript skills interested in committing to 20-40 hours per week on contract. Some onsite work would be expected because of the nature of some of the projects we're working on.
Here are some of the projects, if it piques some interest:

  • Homegrown Content Management System
  • Content Management for Newspapers
  • e-commerce

Here's some sample work so you can see our style:

Please contact me directly if you are interested. You may contact me via web414, or at the email address posted at

Web414 Members Attending SXSW Austin in March

Just an FYI that Ashe Dryden, David Overbeck and I are confirmed to attend the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive in Austin together, just a little over a month from now — March 7th through the 11th.

SXSW Interactive

Somehow we organized ourselves and managed to book the same flight on Midwest (though thanks be to Ashe, we'll be waking up at 3am to make the 6:25 flight) and are also staying at the same hotel in Austin, TX.

We are all very excited to be at this happenin' event in Austin. Based only on what I have read and the podcasts I've heard, this should be a spectacular opportunity for Web414 members to have a positive impact on the greater web community, and get to know some people from around the country and the world.

If other Web414 members or readers of the site are attending SXSW Interactive this March, please contact Ashe, David or myself so we can absorb you into our Borg-like collective. :-)

We will also be reporting back on Twitter and on our blogs (including this one) as we experience SXSW for the first time.

Web414 Upgraded

We've completed the upgrade and migration of Web414, and we are now running the latest version of Drupal (as of this post) and running on a new server, courtesy of Distance Software.

All of the modules have been updated, and minimal testing took place. If you come across something that does not work, please let us know. We may be adding new features as we go, and we just added the CAPTCHA module to help prevent automated registrations.

The big thing we need now is a new theme. We'll be working on that next. If you're interested in contributing, or creating a theme, feel free to do so.

That's it for now, we're back and ready to roll!

January 2008 Web414 Meeting Recap

The January 2008 Web414 Meeting was held last night, and it was fun. Someone yesterday said it didn't look like very interesting topics, but hey, it's as interesting as you make it, I always say.

We had about 23 people in attendance, even with the snowy weather conditions. I think the community is really beginning to gel. We've got a lot of great people involved, doing a lot of really cool things, sharing their knowledge, working together, it's a nerdy love-fest...

Jeramey on Greasemonkey

Jeramey showed off Greasemonkey, and showed how he uses it on Flickr. I mentioned the Greasemonkey script I wrote for WebGrader. (If you are unfamiliar, Greasemonkey basically lets you re-write web pages in your own browser, so you can add new features, or disable things you don't like.)

Game Software

Next up I demoed the Asus Eee PC, the little laptop that runs Linux. I showed the default interface, the full KDE Desktop running on it, Firefox, Penguin Racer, and Potato Guy, which was quite the hit. I then passed it around the room so everyone could get a chance to see how light and small it is, and give the keyboard a try. By the time I got it back, it was running Ubuntu and streaming video of the meeting. (I'm just kidding.)

Kevron checks in via video

There was some video streaming and such though... Thanks to Media Master Gabe for setting up Ustream (though it silently failed a bit, that's ok, it was the first attempt.) Gabe and Tracy also showed off Seesmic and the silly video conversations they have there. (KeVroN missed it!)


Oh, and there are a ton of photos in Flickr's Web414 pool thanks to Tracy Apps and John December.


And the Eee PC was not the only little Linux device, as Tracy brought a Chumby, but sadly, we could not get it on the wifi because we could not authenticate it to the network.


Elias Holman of Distance Software gave a "running a business" talk Pecha Kucha style, which involves showing 20 slides for 20 seconds each and talking over them. I thought it turned out really well, and we should consider the Pecha Kucha thing again.

The new v. the old

Wait... more? Oh yeah, held a Book Swap & Loan, where people could bring in a book and let someone borrow it, or just give it away. Sadly, I brought like 80% of the books, but it looks like we just started a Web414 Library.

Designer Needed

The Hospital I work for has two items of interest to you 414-ers.

1. We're looking for a Drupal Themer that can create Drupal Theme for us based (mostly) on what you see at I've received some interest from my posting at, but I'd prefer to give the job to someone from our little family if possible.

2. We're looking to hire a Graphic Designer in our Marketing Department. As the Communications Specialist, I'm trying to move more and more of our publications to electronics, but you'll need a strong background in traditional printing, because marketing will always have to send out postcards. It's a small team and a great organization and you'd have the best lake view in the entire hospital. I shot this picture from the Graphic Designer's Window last week. Seriously. Shoot me an email ( if you're interested or curious.

Technically, the job is titled "Communications Specialist," but that's dumb. You're really a graphic designer. We just got a new iMac for the position and loaded it up with CS3. I'll let you have it if you take the job. (Anyone not affiliated with Web414 has to use the old one.)

Winter Family Project! Thank you!

Thanks to your kind donations, Web414 was able to secure a Nintendo DS and three new games for our Winter Family project! You guys are the best. I'm very proud and humbled to be part of a group like this.

Not only did we collect $80 in cash, one Web414er donated a used DS to the family, so we were able to give one little girl a _Very_ nice gift and something that she'd have gone without if it wasn't for your generosity. She got a Platinum Phat DS and a carrying case, a copy of Brain Age 2, and two other games that I'll have to dig out the receipt to recall. (One was a platformer, and the other was a drawing game.)

The Winter Family project itself managed to collect almost $300 in cash and gifts (including food and toiletries) in addition to our gift.

Happy Festivus, you guys. Bagels NO! Web414 Yes!

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