Web414 July 2008 IRC Log

There is usually an IRC backchannel at Web414 Meetings... Here's a partial log from the Web414 July 2008 Meeting.

(07:46:09 PM) Video_Villain: the agreement: what you will and will not do
(07:46:14 PM) iraster: i made it!
(07:46:32 PM) Video_Villain: the license - who owns what and what are they allowed to do with it?
(07:46:41 PM) iraster: hmmm, should I start using contracts?
(07:46:52 PM) Video_Villain: Privacy and non disclosure
(07:47:05 PM) Video_Villain: schedule: when payment and milestones are do
(07:47:29 PM) talentline411: setting expectations... always a good thing
(07:47:30 PM) Video_Villain: scheduling: know thyself
(07:47:45 PM) Video_Villain: respect your client
(07:47:52 PM) KeVroN [] entered the room.
(07:47:57 PM) iraster: scheduling the raster way: fuck sleep
(07:48:02 PM) rohdesign: heh
(07:48:02 PM) Video_Villain: but know how to peg the difficult ones
(07:48:12 PM) Video_Villain: (that's my favorite!!!)
(07:48:21 PM) iraster: PITA
(07:48:27 PM) KeVroN: i have one in the buttttt
(07:48:27 PM) Video_Villain: I want a pony!!!!
(07:48:33 PM) iraster: charge them double... or triple
(07:48:34 PM) littletinyfish: I thought my last one would be easy, but damn ifthat was not the case.
(07:48:58 PM) iraster: change orders!
(07:49:11 PM) Video_Villain: ::schedule downtime
(07:49:28 PM) iraster: downtime? ha... don't sleep!
(07:49:33 PM) Video_Villain: - time tracking
(07:49:38 PM) Video_Villain: --track everything
(07:49:49 PM) blissdev: ooh hierarchy
(07:49:52 PM) Video_Villain: --record task and time spent
(07:50:06 PM) iraster: track how many beers you drink while working on the project
(07:50:16 PM) Video_Villain: --take personal notes
(07:50:21 PM) blissdev: what do you use that data for raster?
(07:50:28 PM) rohdesign: except for raster that would be boyland sodas as he doesn't drink beer
(07:50:34 PM) Video_Villain: --our time is important
(07:50:37 PM) iraster: document everything! it will come in useful in the future
(07:51:05 PM) Video_Villain: do an end-of-project wrap-up with yourself
(07:51:05 PM) iraster: root beer!
(07:51:15 PM) iraster: have a meeting with yourself
(07:51:25 PM) Video_Villain: --learn from your mistakes
(07:51:36 PM) Video_Villain: TIme Tracking Apps
(07:51:44 PM) Video_Villain:
(07:51:48 PM) blissdev: man, she didn't put my suggestion on there
(07:51:49 PM) iraster: i used a text file... super easy
(07:51:50 PM) Video_Villain:
(07:51:57 PM) Video_Villain:
(07:52:07 PM) blissdev: (uh oh she changed it fast)
(07:52:08 PM) Video_Villain: billing!!!
(07:52:15 PM) Video_Villain: --be consistent
(07:52:23 PM) Video_Villain: --keep good records, and backup!
(07:52:38 PM) Video_Villain: --don't forget your the IRS!
(07:52:41 PM) iraster: backup... hell yes! use AmazonS3 like raster does
(07:52:43 PM) Video_Villain: (my friend and ours)
(07:52:50 PM) iraster: get a good accountant!
(07:53:27 PM) iraster: a *really* good accountant
(07:53:28 PM) littletinyfish: Freelance taxes last year cost me 25% of what I earned.
(07:53:54 PM) rohdesign: ouchie
(07:54:00 PM) Video_Villain: ask jeramey for the ditching the govenrment
(07:54:09 PM) Video_Villain: --offer multiple methods of payment
(07:54:16 PM) Video_Villain: --clean legible invoicing
(07:54:20 PM) rohdesign: eggs, milk, stones
(07:54:37 PM) Video_Villain: Getting Paid
(07:54:57 PM) Video_Villain: --Make it clear what you expect and when
(07:55:07 PM) Video_Villain: --penalties for late payment
(07:55:34 PM) Video_Villain: --reward the ones that pay on time
(07:55:48 PM) Video_Villain: --legal action (kick um around all the time)
(07:55:51 PM) KeVroN: hris has
(07:55:53 PM) iraster: i think i break most of these rules
(07:55:54 PM) KeVroN: chris has
(07:56:14 PM) littletinyfish: I wanna hear Chris talk about that.
(07:56:19 PM) littletinyfish: We need more freelancing seminars.
(07:56:27 PM) Video_Villain: --re-evaluate payment schedule if necessary
(07:56:47 PM) littletinyfish: JeremyJohns.
(07:57:41 PM) KeVroN: what percent? 20-30
(07:58:35 PM) littletinyfish: Jeremy Favre
(08:02:04 PM) KeVroN: JerameyFavre
(08:04:22 PM) heygab1 [] entered the room.
(08:05:22 PM) heygab1: Should I stream the Chat?
(08:05:44 PM) blissdev: stream the chat?
(08:05:57 PM) blissdev: on ustream?
(08:06:05 PM) heygab1: Sure. CamTwist it. :)
(08:10:29 PM) littletinyfish: Take stickers!!!
(08:11:59 PM) KeVroN: Luv this idea!
(08:13:58 PM) heygab1 left the room.
(08:17:19 PM) Video_Villain: they are trying on shirts, and modeling them for a startup.
(08:20:03 PM) heygabe left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:20:29 PM) heygabe [] entered the room.
(08:20:45 PM) heygabe: Ok. I'm here.
(08:20:57 PM) heygabe: And I'll be streaming this channel on uStream.
(08:24:16 PM) heygabe: Welcome to Web414's July Meeting.
(08:26:07 PM) heygabe: No live stream is available tonight, but thanks to the magic of the internet, we're able to stream the #web414 channel on over Ustream. Wow. That's really stupid.
(08:27:35 PM) talentline411 left the room (quit: "ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0/2008052906]").
(08:28:26 PM) littletinyfish: Back in action.
(08:34:05 PM) blissdev: Anyone going to Barcamp Madison?
(08:34:46 PM) blissdev: end of this month
(08:37:00 PM) littletinyfish: The end of the month has me very busy.
(08:37:26 PM) blissdev: i think ashe is and perhaps mathias
(08:37:30 PM) blissdev: other than that idk
(08:38:30 PM) heygabe: I'd like to go, but I don't want to take up space that someoen from the madison community might be better of using.
(08:38:41 PM) heygabe: Esepcialy since I won't be there or the whole thing.
(08:38:48 PM) blissdev: Hmm... that's a good point, I wonder how full they will be.
(08:39:32 PM) heygabe: I'm going to move Twitteriffic Growl notifications down here too. :)
(08:42:29 PM) rohdesign: Can some developer types have a look at this open source conference registration app? Runs on Apache/PHP:
(08:43:41 PM) littletinyfish: Beardless Pete!
(08:44:01 PM) heygabe: Srsly?
(08:44:02 PM) iraster: we need a drupal master to get barcampmke site up to date
(08:44:26 PM) rohdesign: something to manage people registering
(08:44:28 PM) heygabe: No Beard?
(08:44:32 PM) blissdev: haven't seen brad in awhile
(08:44:35 PM) littletinyfish: In the vid.
(08:44:39 PM) rohdesign: might there be a drupal plugin we can use for managing that?
(08:44:44 PM) heygabe: Oh.. Sad.
(08:44:47 PM) littletinyfish: IRL Pete is still quite bearded.
(08:44:55 PM) heygabe: I thought pete was going Babyface on us again.
(08:45:30 PM) littletinyfish: No, he's a Skoal man...too rugged to not have a beard.
(08:45:56 PM) littletinyfish: The Bucketworks logo kinda looks like the new MillerCoors logo.
(08:46:00 PM) iraster: maybe i will shave before bcmke3
(08:46:26 PM) iraster: as a fundraiser
(08:46:32 PM) heygabe: Don't be crazy.
(08:46:41 PM) littletinyfish: Auction off your beard hairs.
(08:46:44 PM) heygabe: There's no money in shaving.
(08:46:52 PM) heygabe: Except, you know, as a professional shaver.
(08:47:14 PM) blissdev: later irc peeps
(08:47:19 PM) blissdev left the room (quit: ).
(08:47:26 PM) heygabe: Blis says goodbye.
(08:47:37 PM) littletinyfish: VidGabe!
(08:47:40 PM) Video_Villain left the room (quit: ).
(08:47:49 PM) iraster: man, my modeling career is really going to take off now!
(08:47:50 PM) littletinyfish: Beardless VidGabe.
(08:48:13 PM) iraster: @heyg4braham!
(08:48:26 PM) littletinyfish: haha!
(08:48:59 PM) littletinyfish: When is BCMKE3?
(08:51:24 PM) iraster: bcmke3 is oct 4/5 2008
(08:51:41 PM) iraster: with pre-party event on oct 3 2008
(08:52:04 PM) littletinyfish: Sweeeeeeeeet.
(08:52:30 PM) iraster: videovillain is teh funny
(08:53:52 PM) iraster: wha wha wha waaaaaa!
(08:55:44 PM) heygabe: Someone describe using UStream to relay a IRC channel.
(08:55:50 PM) heygabe: Becuase that's neato-cool.
(08:56:35 PM) littletinyfish: Psyphy Machine
(08:56:39 PM) littletinyfish:
(08:56:44 PM) iraster: irc-tarded
(08:56:46 PM) littletinyfish:
(08:57:01 PM) littletinyfish: Pencil Project.
(08:57:02 PM) iraster: heygabriel is irc-tarded
(08:57:26 PM) littletinyfish: Penny Arcade Expo
(08:58:07 PM) heygabe: Think about the bandwidth I'm wasting!
(09:01:10 PM) heygabe: Can I pimp Evernote?
(09:01:43 PM) heygabe: I've been lovin' Evernote. It's out of closed beta and the way it synchs across mutliple machines and the web is fantawesome.
(09:02:06 PM) heygabe: I kind of wish Basecamp worked the same way.
(09:02:29 PM) heygabe: And the i-Site integration for quick capturing notes is really, really cool.
(09:02:59 PM) heygabe: It does OCR on the pictures you upload and so the text in those pictures becomes searchable.
(09:03:03 PM) heygabe: that is all.
(09:10:13 PM) rohdesign left the room (quit: "See ya...").
(09:11:54 PM) heygabe: That'll do it for Web1414 Tonight, gang. I hope you weren't too disappointed. We'll resume regular broadcasts again in the future.
(09:12:03 PM) heygabe: Good Night Everybody
(09:13:57 PM) aufgehts [] entered the room.
(09:19:59 PM) littletinyfish left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(09:23:47 PM) KeVroN left the room (quit: "Later Bitches!").
(09:25:24 PM) heygabe left the room (quit: ).

We've talked about the things created at the meetings being released under a Creative Commons license... but for a group effort like the above, how would we do that? Does each individual choose a license for their comments? Do we as a group, choose one, or does your use of the IRC channel act as compliance to a specific license of our choosing?

New To this Community

I'm really interested in getting into the web development scene in Milwaukee. I think there is a lot of talent here! My business develops awesome web applications, but the scales are tipped in the technical if only I can hook up cool design, I believe world domination (er, forget that) 'success beyond belief' will follow shortly.

I've been working with designers from outside the area - but there is so much to offer here, I just need to get into the scene and meet you all!

It's a LAN-a party.

Laptops aren't just for working...sometimes it's okay to just get away from it all for a bit. For over a decade I've been throwing casual little gaming events. With a facility like Bucketworks in town I thought I might be able to widen the scope of things and see what happens.

Saturday the 21st, if you like playing computer games, modding them, or just talking about the latest in high-end computer hardware and modifications, I'm going to be hanging out with some friends in the Greenhouse at Bucketworks sampling some of the latest offerings and relishing some old classics. I'm going to provide some tasty treats and discs with various demos and patches, and some switches and CAT5. Depending on the group there may even be some Flash coding. BYOC. And please donate to Bucketworks, and check out the Final Cut Pro presentation when you're there (see below).

Bucketworks (Entrepreneur's Greenhouse)

Saturday, 21 June (Noon till night)

Age of Conan, Armagetron, Quake III, Scorched 3D, Sins of a Solar Empire, StarCraft, Supreme Commander, Tribes, Unreal Tournament, WarCraft, Worms, and whatever else people have handy.

Bucketworks Needs You!

Folks, we need to put a drop in the bucket... and no, I'm not talking about water... we got plenty of that!

Bucketworks storm damage...

During the storm, things got a little crazy (see Flickr) and there is water everywhere. It ain't pretty. If at all possible, can you put a drop in the bucket? If you've ever attended a Web414 or a MilwaukeeDevHouse, it would be cool if you could chip in a few bucks to help our little clubhouse make it through this disaster. Bucketworks has been a gracious host to us, and it's a time of need for them, so put a drop in the bucket and let's hope it adds up enough to get everything back to normal.

Right now Bucketworks is closed. Until the damage is assessed, they can't open again. What does that mean for the June 2008 Web414 Meeting? We're not sure yet... we may have to move it, as well as other events scheduled there in the near future. Like I said, there's a lot of water...

Jenn has a post on that tells more, so please go there and see what is up...

And seriously, go pitch in some money! So far it's just Gabe and I that have done so, and that's pretty sad. I know there are others out there who can help, even if it's just $5 or $10.

(Originally posted on RasterWeb!)

Thanks for the Nice Plug, Nikol.

Free Image Hosting at Web414 Member Nikol Hassler managed to get an awesome plug for Web414 in print. If you haven't seen it yet, I urge you to check out Birds, bees and lots of buzz at

Where she gets Web smarts: "I attend Web414 meetings at Bucketworks and am now becoming a (Bucketworks) member so I can use a community space to further working with teens. Plus, excellent excuse to hang out with those artsy folks. Recently, one Web414 member called me the modern-day Jane Goodall, studying the geeks by moving among them. It is basically a group of smart people who create stuff for the Internet."

Nice work, Nikol. While the rest of us are simply wandering around in the mist picking bugs off each others backs, you're doing great work for the Milwaukee web community.
Let's all have a cheer for the Jane Goodall of Web414!


Web414... you were the first, and still are the best.
Web608 comes now with much vigor and enthusiasm.
Web815 - your younger brother... soon to be!

I was sitting in a coffee shop in Rockford, working on something (maybe and some long haired scraggly lookin' dude walked in, sat at the bar and pulled out a laptop. I figured, "Hey, he must be a web guy too!" I kept on working, meaning to talk to him soon but he approached me. "I like that sticker... the 'Thirsty Developer' one. Where'd you get that?" I started to tell him about Web414 and the great meetups and DevHouse events up in Milwaukee... and then my mind wandered and mouth started speaking without any of my direction!

"Yeah this group of web geeks and professionals meet every month and do cool stuff up in Milwaukee. 414 is the area code there, hence Web414. I live in Chicago right now, but I'm moving back to Rockford soon... I was thinking of starting up a Web815 group. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I think it's a pretty good idea. The only thing is... would it garner interest in the area??"

I rambled for a bit more than that, but you get the idea. All of a sudden i was committing myself to starting up this web group in Rockford. Out of freaking nowhere! Oh well... better luck next time, sensibility. The cool thing is, though, that I got a great response. Corey, the guy I met, seemed pretty interested. He also said that a few of his friends would most likely attend events and gatherings with that sort of focus. Maybe there is something to this "web-areacode" idea after all...

And now, my favorite Ludacris quote:
I've got bros... (bros) in different area codes!

Microsoft's "Task Market"

Microsoft rolls out a beta of a marketplace for connecting businesses to web freelancers:

What similar marketplaces have you tried? I think is a big one.

Web414 Stickers

Web414 Sticker (Rounded)Recently, I was invited to try PSPrint printing, by marketing manager Trisha.

For a while I've wanted to create stickers for Web414, the local Milwaukee web design and development group I'm part of, so I sent some EPS art to PSPrint.

A week later, I received a package of 50 white stickers with a 2 color Web414 logo on them, and they look great!

The stickers were designed at business card size: 3.5" x 2" then trimmed above and below the logo. Using my wife's corner rounder from her scrap-booking toolkit, I rounded the corners to complete the look I was aiming for.

I could have gone with a custom die, but since this was a free test run, it wasn't in the budget. If I were running a large quantity, I'd most definitely order a die.

Sticker Quality
PSPrint uses a medium weight vinyl for their stickers, printing the logo in 4/color fade-resistant inks with a 6 months fade-free guarantee, under normal use.

The substrate is tough and resilient, though these are not intended for extreme situations. For heavy duty stickers, check out

Still, for placement on a laptop, notebook or other medium duty applications, I'm very pleased with the results of the PSPrint stickers created for Web414.

Come to the Web414 May meeting and get one free 'til they're gone!

Related Links
Flickr Photos: Squared, Rounded, and shown In Context with a Moleskine.

Help needed with developing a Catholic school's website

Our Catholic school in Milwaukee would love some help in upgrading the current website. The parish's website address is You can access the school's page from there. Doesn't exactly follow GUI standards. Bless the volunteer who put it together, but it has room for improvement.

Thanks, in advance, your help.

Internet Video Overview Presenation Now online

On Tuesday, April 22, I celebrated Earth Day by traveling to the Muskego Public Library and giving a "Always entertaining, often informative" presentation on Internet Video to the Milwaukee IBM PC Club.

What a great group of quality computer users and fans! They were gracious, appreciative, and we all had a good time playing with video on the web, showing off each others computers and talking about the upcoming Digital Television Conversion.

I'll have a recording of the presentation up soon, but you can enjoy the Google Presentation right now on this here website.

Web414 April 2008 IRC Log

(07:12:36 PM) mode (+ns ) by
(07:12:37 PM) mode (+tc ) by ChanServ
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(07:13:41 PM) obrazu [n=Itineran] entered the room.
(07:13:45 PM) obrazu: sup pete
(07:13:58 PM) obrazu: 1st WOOT!!
(07:14:16 PM) iraster: web414!!!!!
(07:14:31 PM) obrazu: web414 FTW!!!
(07:19:01 PM) blissdev [n=blissdev] entered the room.
(07:19:16 PM) blissdev: web414 w00t!
(07:20:05 PM) Video_Villain [n=doubleri] entered the room.
(07:20:21 PM) Video_Villain: Time for some harsh language. ;)
(07:21:38 PM) tapps [n=t] entered the room.
(07:21:59 PM) Video_Villain: No signal! Now's our chance!
(07:22:05 PM) tapps left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(07:22:29 PM) tapps [n=t] entered the room.
(07:22:31 PM) tapps: yay for patchy internets!
(07:22:57 PM) blissdev: weee!
(07:23:18 PM) iraster: pizza is on it's way
(07:24:13 PM) KeVroN [n=KeVroN] entered the room.
(07:25:19 PM) Video_Villain: I love you internets.
(07:25:41 PM) obrazu: sup web414
(07:25:52 PM) blissdev: sup
(07:29:00 PM) jason [n=littleti] entered the room.
(07:29:54 PM) iraster: doing intros name, twitter handle, ringtone
(07:30:45 PM) Ash1 [n=Ashe] entered the room.
(07:30:58 PM) Ash1: epic fail
(07:31:42 PM) Video_Villain: that was epic
(07:32:04 PM) Ash1: fail
(07:32:06 PM) Ash1: yes
(07:33:00 PM) littletinyfish_ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(07:33:01 PM) Video_Villain left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(07:33:03 PM) mrohde [n=mrohde] entered the room.
(07:33:15 PM) littletinyfish_: Hungry.
(07:33:18 PM) obrazu: ditto
(07:33:33 PM) Video_Villain [n=doubleri] entered the room.
(07:33:34 PM) Ash1: btw, pizza is $5/each, if you havent already given me teh monies
(07:33:51 PM) tapps: mmm.. monies..
(07:34:09 PM) littletinyfish_: DONUTS!
(07:34:09 PM) Video_Villain: there goes the flip
(07:34:10 PM) obrazu: i has payedz
(07:34:13 PM) Ash1: mmm edible money
(07:34:18 PM) littletinyfish_: LOVE DONUTS!
(07:34:35 PM) joonathan [] entered the room.
(07:34:44 PM) joonathan is now known as tronathan
(07:34:45 PM) Video_Villain: logistical food situation?
(07:34:57 PM) Video_Villain: raster just talked about personal issues.
(07:35:25 PM) tronathan: howdy all
(07:35:30 PM) Ash1: hi:}
(07:35:30 PM) Video_Villain: raster also just pulled out some kind of mega flask
(07:35:33 PM) littletinyfish__ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(07:35:42 PM) littletinyfish__: I can't believe the establishment couldn't coordinate water.
(07:35:54 PM) Ash1: @videovillain That was a horrible euphemism
(07:36:20 PM) Video_Villain: thanks
(07:36:31 PM) Ash1: im here for you, bro.
(07:36:32 PM) Video_Villain: I'm just adding color to the event. ;)
(07:36:32 PM) tronathan: water is quite challenging too corrdinate, flows to lowest energy state, ec
(07:36:47 PM) Video_Villain:
(07:37:02 PM) Ash1: pizza check, brb
(07:37:26 PM) mrohde: Looks like only KevRoN and I got the note about the torn jeans thing.
(07:37:56 PM) Video_Villain: there goes the projector. raster tried to point it out. it was funny.
(07:39:15 PM) Video_Villain: milwaukee water is great, no problem here.
(07:39:42 PM) blissdev: yay milwaukee
(07:39:52 PM) ***tapps hungry
(07:40:46 PM) tronathan: hmm, sounds like the pizza project is behind schedule (and overbudget?)
(07:41:05 PM) Ash1: pizza on teh way
(07:41:13 PM) obrazu: geek squad FTL!!
(07:41:14 PM) Video_Villain: i have some pizza VC if necessary. ;)
(07:41:32 PM) tapps: *nods in agreement with obrazu*
(07:41:35 PM) tronathan: I want 170% of my pizza back in 7 days
(07:41:57 PM) Ash1: @tronathon that is a long digestion period, is it not?
(07:42:50 PM) tronathan: That's how long you have to turn a "profit" (gross) on my "investment" (delicicous)
(07:43:25 PM) tronathan: Big party at BitTorrent today, their DNA product went gold yesterday (DNA = CDN)
(07:43:46 PM) Ash1: @tronathan K. I love you. You win.
(07:43:46 PM) blissdev: cdn?
(07:44:06 PM) tronathan: Content Delivery Network
(07:44:36 PM) blissdev: ah, i should know that, thanks :)
(07:44:55 PM) mrohde is now known as rohdesign
(07:44:57 PM) obrazu: VideoVillan taping f1 challenge?
(07:46:15 PM) tapps: gross
(07:46:22 PM) blissdev: very
(07:46:43 PM) Ash1: omgwtfpizza
(07:47:03 PM) liltinyfish_ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(07:47:04 PM) Video_Villain: what's gross?
(07:48:18 PM) liltinyfish_: I'm interested in participating in any way. Curious as to what it takes to be a designer.
(07:48:33 PM) blissdev: liltinyfish_: make things?
(07:48:52 PM) liltinyfish_: Hyar hyar hyar.
(07:49:20 PM) Ash1: anyone else cold?
(07:49:31 PM) liltinyfish_: Yes.
(07:49:46 PM) obrazu: i'm fine
(07:49:59 PM) obrazu: but I'm almost never cold, so I'm not a good judge of that
(07:49:59 PM) tronathan: A friend of mine was wrecked for the last few days but i am unscathed
(07:50:15 PM) tronathan: <reaches for knock-on-wood multivit>
(07:52:44 PM) liltinyfish__ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(07:52:45 PM) liltinyfish__ is now known as liltinyfish
(07:52:52 PM) jason left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(07:53:31 PM) tronathan: someone wanna liveblog me in on the presentation?
(07:54:14 PM) blissdev: discussing a potential milwaukee f1
(07:54:24 PM) liltinyfish__ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(07:54:36 PM) tronathan: thx
(07:54:44 PM) liltinyfish__:
(07:54:49 PM) tapps: hmmm.. looks like pizza is behind me. not sure how much attention i can pay attention to anything but that pizza...
(07:55:00 PM) ***tapps nom nom nom nom nom
(07:55:15 PM) obrazu: pizza is here??!!?!
(07:55:27 PM) blissdev: yes
(07:55:39 PM) blissdev: i think we are waiting for presentation to finish
(07:56:07 PM) tapps left the room (quit: ).
(07:56:15 PM) littletinyfish__ left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(07:56:23 PM) Video_Villain left the room (quit: ).
(07:56:31 PM) liltinyfish____ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(07:57:12 PM) iraster: break time..... food
(07:58:33 PM) littletinyfish_ left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:06:25 PM) hypnagogic [] entered the room.
(08:06:56 PM) hypnagogic: Wat are you all doing?
(08:07:02 PM) hypnagogic: I can't see you all dammit
(08:07:12 PM) hypnagogic: It sounds like you are strangling musical instruments
(08:08:15 PM) blissdev: haha
(08:08:20 PM) blissdev: we are currently breaking for food
(08:08:45 PM) blissdev: should be back in session soon
(08:08:56 PM) tronathan: anyone doing the robot?
(08:09:23 PM) blissdev: i see no robots at this current time
(08:09:29 PM) hypnagogic: Where are the robots
(08:09:31 PM) tronathan: how about headspins?
(08:09:34 PM) blissdev: looks like we are starting up again
(08:09:36 PM) hypnagogic: I want robotical robotics
(08:09:40 PM) tronathan: those would be two of my favorite breakin' moves
(08:09:44 PM) blissdev: haha
(08:09:58 PM) hypnagogic: Kev should do the robot.
(08:10:14 PM) tronathan: Who the F is Greg Tracy?
(08:11:02 PM) blissdev: according to google he is a stuntman
(08:11:20 PM) Ash1: pete ate the boob
(08:11:37 PM) Ash1: mmm boob
(08:12:12 PM) tapps [n=t] entered the room.
(08:12:35 PM) liltinyfish_ left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:12:42 PM) liltinyfish left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:12:56 PM) KeVroN left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(08:13:49 PM) liltinyfish_____ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(08:13:51 PM) liltinyfish_____ is now known as liltinyfish
(08:14:14 PM) hypnagogic: fire up the autobob
(08:14:26 PM) liltinyfish: Do you think the name (Midwest Teen Sex Show) has something to do with the # of subscribers?
(08:14:50 PM) liltinyfish: I'm interested and I'm NOT one of the perverts.
(08:15:20 PM) liltinyfish__ left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:15:23 PM) Ash1: don't believe him, liltinyfish hangs out at Alterra with PornBoy all the time. I've seen it.
(08:15:32 PM) blissdev: lol@pornboy
(08:15:38 PM) raster_ [] entered the room.
(08:15:55 PM) raster_: raster: ursurper!
(08:15:57 PM) Video_Villain [n=doubleri] entered the room.
(08:15:57 PM) raster_: :)
(08:17:17 PM) tapps: you know you've made it big when you have a wikipedia article that doesn't get deleted.
(08:17:22 PM) blissdev: raste1?
(08:17:25 PM) hypnagogic: If you type google into google, you can break the internet.
(08:17:36 PM) Video_Villain: gk2gk didn't pay?! awful...
(08:17:57 PM) Ash1: note to self: buy domain ""
(08:18:46 PM) Video_Villain: bought.
(08:18:59 PM) Ash1: @videovillain f'in squatters
(08:19:20 PM) Video_Villain: already have the site up.
(08:19:34 PM) Ash1: already haxx0red it
(08:20:31 PM) tronathan: Registrant Contact:
(08:20:33 PM) tronathan: Private Registrant
(08:20:34 PM) tronathan: DreamHost Web Hosting
(08:20:49 PM) Ash1: tronathan is my new main d00d
(08:20:56 PM) tronathan: Any other bubbles you need burst, ash?
(08:21:13 PM) hypnagogic: It's nearly impossible to hear the speaker... can anythin be done about that for those of us who are attending cross continentally?
(08:22:12 PM) Ash1: you could do it with drupal. just saying.
(08:22:14 PM) blissdev: hypnagogic: I'm guessing not right now, there's probably some we could do though.
(08:22:28 PM) blissdev: no ash, there are certain things you can't do with drupal
(08:22:33 PM) hypnagogic: just make the speaker wear the camera on their elbow, with the lens pointed up at their face.
(08:22:35 PM) hypnagogic: that'll work.
(08:22:37 PM) Ash1: @hypnagogic sound tech said it's up as far as we can make it right now :P
(08:22:44 PM) hypnagogic: actually, it's kev's head blocking all the sound, prolly.
(08:22:46 PM) hypnagogic: Thanks tho.
(08:22:51 PM) rohdesign: Gabe says the sound is maxed on the broadcast
(08:23:05 PM) blissdev: Probably need an external mic at some point.
(08:23:09 PM) Irenicus [n=Irenicus] entered the room.
(08:23:26 PM) Ash1: did everyone who paid for pizza get some?
(08:23:28 PM) hypnagogic: We ort to set up a mic stand thingie for that, or somethin
(08:25:24 PM) Ash1: @hypnagogic We are still relatively new to the whole broadcasting thing. That's definitely something we will take into consideration (and I even have a mic at home!)
(08:26:23 PM) tronathan: i have a lav mic but not enough wire to get very far
(08:26:27 PM) blissdev: I wonder how that would work with ustream
(08:27:08 PM) blissdev: can you select audio input streams?
(08:27:14 PM) blissdev: i'm a ustream nub
(08:27:35 PM) Ash1: ::clears throat:: i think you mean *n00b*
(08:27:49 PM) blissdev: same thing
(08:29:59 PM) Ash1: maybe we can get videovillain to use his fancy pants equipment to help us stream web414 meetings
(08:30:22 PM) tapps: "let me in!"
(08:30:45 PM) tapps:
(08:30:45 PM) Video_Villain: you want that fancy stuff? I can do fancy. I'm a pretty fancy lad you know.
(08:30:52 PM) hypnagogic: There's a USB mixing board in the Playspace, and there's a set of nice mics in the briefcase on the floor in the area of the flowspace where all the art supplies are sitting, btw.
(08:31:09 PM) blissdev: This is good info.
(08:31:12 PM) tapps: wait. who needs mics? i have my blue snowflake
(08:31:25 PM) Ash1: omg, yes tapps
(08:31:28 PM) blissdev: trying to increase ustream volume
(08:32:13 PM) ddysart [] entered the room.
(08:32:15 PM) hypnagogic: I think it's impossible, because most of the signal is overtaken by noise; the encoder can't tell what's what. You know how it sounds--like an ant orchestra playing in a tin can.
(08:32:26 PM) tapps: what?! no computer on weeknights??! *dies*
(08:33:11 PM) Ash1: @tapps I am going through an internet-free cleansing lately and i lurve it
(08:33:16 PM) Video_Villain: same here tapps, same here
(08:33:37 PM) liltinyfish____ left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:33:40 PM) tapps: ugh ugh! no no! i will. not. cave!
(08:33:49 PM) Video_Villain: whatev's ashinator. ;) i'm 'tied in'
(08:33:54 PM) Ash1: lol
(08:33:57 PM) KeVroN: i needs internetz
(08:34:22 PM) tapps: feedback FTW
(08:34:23 PM) ddysart: ouch
(08:34:32 PM) tronathan: i burned the rope
(08:34:37 PM) Ash1: shut up, guys, that was my favorite song
(08:35:10 PM) blissdev: ustream positioning modified...
(08:35:18 PM) hypnagogic: sweeet
(08:35:25 PM) liltinyfish_ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(08:35:27 PM) ddysart: FWIW the audio reminds me of backgound samples from an Orb song
(08:35:37 PM) hypnagogic: Yes! Yes!
(08:35:53 PM) hypnagogic: It's like a post-apocalyptic Little Fluffy Clouds
(08:36:42 PM) Video_Villain: what's gabe's show?
(08:36:53 PM) liltinyfish left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:37:03 PM) Ash1: gaiatv
(08:37:11 PM) Ash1: its the cutest show on the tuubes
(08:37:16 PM) Video_Villain: if it's one thing gabe is, he's a 'Showman'
(08:37:22 PM) tapps: weeble wobbles!!!
(08:37:50 PM) tapps: they weeble and they wobble... but they won't fall down!
(08:38:05 PM) hypnagogic: Just put the audio back to the normal level, please
(08:38:11 PM) hypnagogic: then the audience questions will be intelligible
(08:38:16 PM) hypnagogic: it's either "really bad" or "worse"
(08:38:21 PM) Ash1: that is so cool ^_^
(08:38:30 PM) blissdev: how do you do that emote again?
(08:38:38 PM) hypnagogic: caret, underscore, caret
(08:38:42 PM) hypnagogic: shift-six
(08:38:46 PM) Ash1: i love to hear about people from WI kicking ass
(08:38:54 PM) Ash1: no one expects us
(08:38:54 PM) hypnagogic: It's the Japanese Anime Smile: Eyes Shut, Mouth Open
(08:39:03 PM) blissdev: ^_^
(08:39:04 PM) blissdev: i win!
(08:39:06 PM) hypnagogic: Yay when WI wins
(08:39:09 PM) Ash1: but we are the cheese to this great grilled cheese-esque nation
(08:40:28 PM) ddysart: Or the cheese in the earth sandwich
(08:40:41 PM) hypnagogic: Nonesense. No cheese.
(08:40:45 PM) Ash1: @ddysart you mean the floor bread sandwich?
(08:41:24 PM) ddysart: Actually nothing is on the other side of the earth from us, just water
(08:41:43 PM) Ash1: @ddysart Sorry you couldnt make it tonight, would have been great to have you
(08:41:46 PM) liltinyfish__ [n=littleti] entered the room.
(08:42:16 PM) tronathan: ash wants to have ddysart
(08:42:27 PM) ddysart: @ash me too. been mean to make it down for one for months now
(08:42:42 PM) hypnagogic: what
(08:42:46 PM) hypnagogic: is ddysart?
(08:42:58 PM) Ash1: @tronathan- 1 - how do you now i dont already have him, 2 - jealous?
(08:43:01 PM) Video_Villain: ::gabe gets the dirty glare::
(08:43:26 PM) hypnagogic: the video cable was hiding under a pillar, all that time.
(08:43:28 PM) hypnagogic: oh well.
(08:43:30 PM) tronathan: touche
(08:43:35 PM) Ash1: pwned
(08:43:39 PM) Ash1: :D
(08:43:43 PM) hypnagogic: I gots to get on a plizzane
(08:43:50 PM) hypnagogic: have a nice web4141414141414
(08:44:18 PM) ddysart: ooo lighting!
(08:44:50 PM) Video_Villain: next month: microphones and lighting. watch for it.
(08:44:59 PM) Ash1: who turned off the heat?
(08:45:02 PM) tapps: i just learned about knitting. i want to do that RIGHT NOW
(08:45:31 PM) Ash1: @tapps I can teach you
(08:45:40 PM) Ash1: we can knit ::whispers:: together
(08:45:46 PM) Video_Villain: NO!
(08:45:49 PM) blissdev: whoa
(08:45:50 PM) hypnagogic: byeeee
(08:45:56 PM) hypnagogic left the room (quit: "ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox 3.0b5/2008032620]").
(08:45:58 PM) Ash1: ::dies::
(08:45:58 PM) tapps: aaahh.. so *that's* what the kids are calling it now a days :-) i'm so behind
(08:46:16 PM) tronathan: knitting is the new scissoring
(08:46:37 PM) tapps: *giggles*
(08:47:04 PM) tapps: she needs a tshirt with that..
(08:47:10 PM) Ash1: a-greed
(08:47:13 PM) Ash1: matty matty gauger is on
(08:47:16 PM) Ash1: bitchezzz
(08:47:23 PM) Video_Villain: MAD DOG!!!
(08:47:28 PM) Video_Villain: Mad Dog Gauger
(08:47:57 PM) tapps: ps. if you haven't seen the MTSS.. watch it tonight. it's full of awesome.
(08:48:06 PM) blissdev: i iz now cold!
(08:48:20 PM) tronathan: Middle Tennessee Scuba and Swim?
(08:48:23 PM) tapps: who's controlling version?
(08:48:41 PM) Video_Villain: ::sung to Prince's pussy contol:: OOOOOO...VERSION CONTROL!!!
(08:48:46 PM) Ash1: @tronathan from middle tn?
(08:48:53 PM) tronathan: That would be the one.
(08:49:16 PM) Ash1: i mean, are you *from* middle tn?
(08:49:19 PM) rohdesign: are you a fan of TRON?
(08:49:33 PM) tronathan: Negative, home-grown madisonian. Insert granola.
(08:49:50 PM) tronathan: Who isnt a fan of tron?
(08:49:52 PM) Ash1: floor bread, eh?
(08:50:22 PM) blissdev: i use command line!
(08:50:35 PM) Ash1: jordan's hardcore
(08:52:01 PM) ddysart: whatever you did to the audio, thank you
(08:52:05 PM) tronathan: Suppose you had several gigs of stuff you wanted to upload, and you only wanted to upload it at night, off peak - how would you do that using automation so you didnt have to stop/restart the upload?
(08:52:20 PM) Ash1: butt shot! butt shot!
(08:52:55 PM) blissdev: tronathon: i would think that the app would need to break up your huge upload into pieces, and then determine how many of those pieces can be uploaded in a night
(08:53:39 PM) tronathan: was thinking of something that would turn an scp on/off at certain times
(08:54:02 PM) Ash1: cant feel my toes/fingers/probiscus
(08:54:14 PM) blissdev: jigga what?
(08:54:39 PM) tronathan: I just tuned into the webcast ... umm, whats he talking about?
(08:54:50 PM) tronathan: hi kevin
(08:54:52 PM) blissdev: version control!
(08:54:53 PM) liltinyfish_ left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(08:54:54 PM) Ash1: i<3 matt gauger, k thnx bai
(08:54:58 PM) tronathan: Yeah but, what about it?
(08:55:07 PM) tapps: ahHAAAAH!!
(08:55:10 PM) tronathan: oh wow.. intro to version control?
(08:55:13 PM) Irenicus: if your fully comitted, do you have to use a repository
(08:55:30 PM) tapps: no repository... no way!
(08:55:36 PM) Ash1: lol, tapp
(08:55:36 PM) Ash1: s
(08:56:04 PM) blissdev: yes intro
(08:56:13 PM) Video_Villain_ [n=doubleri] entered the room.
(08:56:13 PM) Video_Villain left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(08:56:48 PM) tapps: ye olde internet looks a lot like a cloud...
(08:57:51 PM) tronathan: G
(08:58:12 PM) Ash1: looks scary, i wont lie
(08:58:21 PM) Video_Villain_ left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(08:58:33 PM) tapps: it's raining... the internets...
(08:58:58 PM) tapps: contogawhat?
(08:59:24 PM) Video_Villain [n=doubleri] entered the room.
(08:59:30 PM) Ash1: those damn europeans
(08:59:37 PM) tapps: etch it out of wood..
(08:59:45 PM) ddysart: SourceSafe - FTL!
(08:59:58 PM) Video_Villain: PPC FTW!!!!
(09:00:48 PM) blissdev: gnu, do you say as "ganoo"?
(09:00:58 PM) tronathan: Dont forget Subclipse!!
(09:01:08 PM) ddysart: Gnu, as in Gary
(09:01:10 PM) Ash1: i use subclipse, too
(09:01:12 PM) Ash1: or rather, i have it
(09:01:13 PM) tronathan: SUBCLIPSE!
(09:01:19 PM) Ash1: and pretend that i could use it
(09:01:29 PM) liltinyfish__ left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(09:01:37 PM) Ash1: you dont want a soggy december, trust me
(09:02:00 PM) tronathan: LIKE SUBCLIPSE
(09:02:09 PM) blissdev: craziness!
(09:02:50 PM) tronathan: ooh i want to see that list
(09:02:55 PM) tronathan: I'm looking for a free svn server
(09:03:01 PM) blissdev: he has it online
(09:03:05 PM) tronathan: link!
(09:03:07 PM) tronathan: ?
(09:03:15 PM) blissdev: working on it..
(09:03:35 PM) blissdev:
(09:04:13 PM) ddysart: Installing Subversion on WIndows -
(09:04:14 PM) blissdev: only file on there
(09:05:03 PM) tronathan: One of the big advantages of running SVN remotely is that you're backed up, if you lose your axe or it breaks, your repo is safe
(09:05:21 PM) Ash1 left the room.
(09:05:32 PM) blissdev: yup, definitely
(09:06:29 PM) Video_Villain_ [n=doubleri] entered the room.
(09:06:29 PM) Video_Villain left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(09:06:58 PM) tapps: bye irc. my battery is dieeeeiinnngggggg....
(09:07:03 PM) tronathan: example: generate release notes
(09:07:05 PM) blissdev: bye tapps!
(09:07:06 PM) Video_Villain_: NOOOO!!!!
(09:07:12 PM) tapps left the room (quit: ).
(09:07:31 PM) tronathan: Also, comparing versions
(09:07:46 PM) Video_Villain_: Rick Roll back.
(09:08:32 PM) tronathan: <clapping in madison>
(09:09:58 PM) Video_Villain_: I'm coming in 3x3. (megabits)
(09:11:09 PM) tronathan: I dont beleive that you need a heavy router for a 3x3mbit connection
(09:12:01 PM) Video_Villain_: depends on the distribution, for a home, no, for a business...with many many users...perhaps
(09:12:47 PM) tronathan: I dont buy it.. a PIX 401 is $50 these days
(09:13:37 PM) tronathan: ohjeez
(09:13:41 PM) tronathan: where's my schitozphrenia medication
(09:13:55 PM) Video_Villain_: well, our BarCamp netz really crashed hard, so there needed to be a reason for it. I won't blame it all on Kruger. ;)
(09:14:45 PM) tronathan: the /wireless/ might need to be hardcore, but for pure packets.. i dunno. You would full the NAT tables on a home router, though.
(09:14:56 PM) tronathan: DDWRT shows graphs and mammary usage
(09:16:11 PM) tronathan: nighty
(09:16:17 PM) Video_Villain_: the only Mad Dog I care about it Mad Dog Gauger
(09:16:19 PM) ddysart: laterz
(09:16:19 PM) blissdev: ustream goin down
(09:16:21 PM) blissdev: haha
(09:16:37 PM) tronathan: alright, im audi .... night folks
(09:16:40 PM) tronathan left the room (quit: "ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]").
(09:16:49 PM) ddysart left the room (quit: ).
(09:16:56 PM) Video_Villain_ left the room.
(09:17:59 PM) iraster: bye!

Lets get Wiitarded in here.

I added a "Light Amusements" category to the Web414 Forums. This is where discussions and information regarding non-web related amusements will go. Specifically, we're looking for your XboxLive, PS3 and Wii handles and friends codes.

Microsoft to Acquire Web414

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — April 1, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it will acquire the Web414 group for $16.50 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $46 . This deal expands upon the group’s previously outlined vision to provide the web industry with a world class, Internet-wide amateur and professional skills, as well as a set of tools and services that help its constituents generate the highest possible return on Tuesday meetings.

“The commercial enterprise potential of the web is evolving and growing at an incredible pace, moving increasingly toward online and IP-served platforms, which dramatically increases the importance of software for this industry,” said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft. “Today’s announcement represents the next step in the evolution of our mindshare network from our initial buyout of the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup organizer, to the broader Microsoft network including Xbox Live, Windows Live, Google Live and Office Live, and now to the full capacity of the Internet. Microsoft is intensely committed to creating a thriving brick-and-mortar business and to partnering closely with all key constituencies in this industry to help maximize the digital wikiality opportunity for all.”

The Web414 acquisition enables Microsoft to strengthen relationships with hipsters, programmers and hackers by enhancing the Company’s world-class buzzword platforms and services beyond its current capabilities to serve MSN's hypertasking. The acquisition also provides Microsoft increased depth in building and supporting comprehensive next generation deployable algorithm technology solutions and environments such as cross media planning, spaghetti marketing and Barneyware.

Founded in 2006, Web414, (MKEDAQ: W414) is the parent company of one of the industry’s most successful families of digital marketing service and technology companies, encompassing three primary brands:

BarCampMilwaukee the best and brightest of the Milwaukee region's tech community will be part of Milwaukee's second "BarCamp." BarCamp Milwaukee is a 24-hour ad-hoc gathering focused on technology, creativity and advanced networking;
Web262 is Web414's sister group from Waukesha County who will be meeting for burritos and the ceremonial exchange of broken Macintoshes; and
MilwaukeeDevHouse aims to be the premier regularly scheduled hackathon event that combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere.

“Combining the talented people, deep technology and service expertise of M$ and Web414 will help make Narcissurfing and reverbiagizeding simpler, smarter and more cost effective for advertisers, agencies and publishers alike,” said Pete Prodoehl, from thePublic Relations division at Web414. “Joining the extensive and unique capabilities of these complementary companies is an important step toward our goal of becoming an industry leading, Internet-wide Rickroll platform.”

The deal is expected to be completed in the first half of Microsoft’s fiscal year 2008. The acquisition is not expected to have a significant impact on the financial guidance previously issued by the Company.

Web414, which has approximately 1937 employees, will continue to operate from its underground headquarters as part of Microsoft’s Online Phenomeniche Business. The combination of Microsoft and Web414 takes the Company’s advertising platform to the next level in its ability to serve Microsoft’s fifth party audience assets like MSN, Windows Live, Xbox Live, Windows Vista and Office Live, as well as for third party publishers and applications such as Facebook and Linux game titles.

About Web414

The Web414 group consists of amateurs and professionals interested in building and improving the web today and in the future. We are a diverse group including designers, programmers, publishers, and entrepreneurs - all with a common interest in creating the new web.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

All information in this release is as of April 1, 2008. The company undertakes no duty to update any forward-looking statement to conform the statement to actual results or changes in the company’s expectations. If you have questions please contact us.

Exercise your inspiration?

As I'm sure you remember, Today's TMJ4 was at Bucketworks during MilwaukeeDevHouse1! The story aired on Friday 3/28/08. Here's a link to the story, and you can play the video using the "Video" link at left.

Web414 Cards -- a Look at the Past, a Look at the Future

Hello --

Last fall, I helped coordinate the distribution of a web414 business card:

Mike Rohde designed it, and we had it printed in time for BarCampMilwaukee2. On the back of the card are domain names of web414 members who each chipped in some money for the card's printing. The card serves as a convenient way to pass along the web414 mission statement and URL to a colleagues, contacts, or friends, plus it is cool to have participant domain names on the back--it gives a great deal of credibility to our group as we actually build the web, as the card says.

We still have some cards left, but perhaps it is time, and particularly since we have so many new members, to think about a new card. It is good that we have some time to get consider some options. I'd be glad to help organize it this time, also, or defer to someone else or to accept assistance.

Here are some ideas that I have -- perhaps we could bring this up at a future meeting and/or leave comments here:

1. The card really is a nice way to build our group identity with our domain names on the back. We had room on the last card for anyone who wanted to have a domain name included, and some members were able to have multiple domain names on the card, so if you didn't make the last card, you should be able to make this one, but please make sure:

A. You have at least one domain name you'd like to have on the card. It must represent your work and not be a subdirectory of another site (for example, not your flickr photos or facebook URL), but your own domain. This is actually a great way for some members to break into having their own domains--it was nice that in the last card, several members got their own domain names because of the card preparation--they became masters of their own domain.

B. You'll need to be a registered on web414 as a member

C. You'll need to attend at least one web414 meeting

The main idea is that it is neat to see domain names from members on the card -- you might even be able to have multiple domain names if there is room.

2. IDEA: The card might be a good way to raise funds for Web414's sponsorship contribution to BarCampMilwaukee3. For example, if each person gave $10 per domain name (or some other formula, like $10 first domain and $3 if there is room for others), after the costs of printing, we'd likely have almost all the funds necessary for Web414's sponsorship.

3. Comments on print run size: The thing is that the marginal cost of 1000 cards versus 500 cards is not all that much.

Estimated costs based on overnight prints current prices for glossy, double sided:

500 cards: $39.95 + $10 rounded corners = $49.95 + shipping (I think it would have been around $10, we got free shipping)

1000 cards: $49.95 + $20 rounded corners = $69.95 + shipping (I think it would have been around $10, we got free shipping)

So to get 1000 cards is only about $20 more .. plus there was a coupon we had and free shipping that kicked in... so we got 1000 last time and it was a small marginal cost over getting 500.

The order was $78.80 total last fall for 1000 cards (that with the coupon and free shipping because of buying the card holders). NOTE: we must order well in advance when we need the cards--"overnight" prints is not overnight--they delayed the order preparation as we didn't pay expedite fees, so it was orderd on Sep 24th and arrived at my place on October 4th, and only after I had written to them and complained about the delay.

4. IDEA: It would be most excellent to have some payment system set up for web414 (paypal, etc to an account);

Last time, I was able to collect the funds OK--some before printing, some after printing. I have no problem with paying for the whole thing up front myself, getting it shipped to me (home office), and then being reimbursed from the web414 account funds for the exact amount when the cards are here for distribution. But particularly if we use this for fundraising, we might want to have this in an online account so it could be a more organized way to make sure people are paid up before ordering (as it would involve more $) and the funds can be held securely in an account for later use for BarCampMilwaukee3 for example.

5. We will have a firm deadline for persons wanting to be on the card to have their domains up and running. So if you don't have a domain ready now, start getting ready. We could have a little talk about domain name strategies and web hosting options at the web414 meeting. But make sure you work ahead, as domain names that aren't live by the deadline can't be on the card. Also, make sure that it is a domain name you'll stick with, as these cards, with their lamination, likely will last centuries.

6. Mike Rohde and others -- is there some design change that would be appropriate for the second edition of the card? Not that it is necessary--it looks awesome as it is, but perhaps some subtle change to distinguish it?

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