Preview of Web414 Meeting

Here's a preview of the slideshow for Thursday's Web414 Meeting. It contains spoilers, so if you don't want to ruin the fun we're going to have at Bucketworks, don't look at it.

Come to Web414. Maps and Directions to Bucketworks are here. The Cafe is Open. You can has fresh Coffee. The best $2 you'll spend all day. I promise. You have no excuse.

Web414 Ideas Tag

I've started the Web414Ideas tag on Delicious in order to help gauge what kinds of topics Web414er's would like to have featured at the meetings.
The Tag is "Web414Ideas". -- It's probably case sensitive because computers are stupid that way.

Please contribute by tagging topics you find interesting!

Web414 card 2.0

Sorry for the delay in the web414 card 2.0.

Because of the delay, I'll open up domain collection until a bit after the December 2008 meeting as there is room for some more domains on the back. If you are interested, please see the post about the Web414 card 2.0 and let me know right away!

We are working on a photo concept for the front:

Don't worry about paying me, as I will collect the money only after we complete the card and order it... you will be able to pay via paypal or cash as you wish. It will be about $3 a domain.

If you need or want some more prints of the web414 card 1.0 (they are sure to be a collector's item), I still have some, so see me at the December 2008 meeting.

Thanks for your patience.

Support Bucketworks, Become a Member

Did you enjoy BarCampMilwaukee3, or MilwaukeeDevHouse3, or any of the monthly Web414 meetings we've had this year? If so, we'd like to ask you to consider becoming a member of Bucketworks.

Bucketworks + Web414

Join Bucketworks today!

For the past few years, Bucketworks has been a gracious host for Web414 events, and a good supporter of our community, and we (in cooperation with Bucketworks) would like to continue to provide these great events at no cost to those who attend. In order to do this, we're asking you, the members of Web414 to consider becoming members of Bucketworks.

Membership is cheap! Starting at just $20 a year for students, and $40 a year for individuals. If you come to DevHouse, BarCamp, and the occasional Web414 meetings, that's a great value.

Bucketworks is good for Milwaukee, and has been a great partner of Web414, and we want to do even more in 2009, so help us out if you can.

Join Bucketworks today!

We thank you for you support... and look forward to providing greatness in 2009 and beyond!


Yeah, it's on...

MilwaukeeDevHouse3 is Friday, November 21, 2008 at 6pm at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Join us!

MilwaukeeDevHouse3 - November 21st, 2008 6PM Bucketworks

BarCampMilwaukee3 is over…

We somehow managed to pull it off again, and BarCampMilwaukee3 happened without any unfortunate incidents, even though there was threat of desks being burned to the ground…

In the coming weeks I will try to follow-up on specific things about BarCampMilwaukee3, but for now I will just ramble on aimlessly…

Wifi seemed good and the internet connection worked. This probably sets a new record for Bucketworks.

I did not get to complete my robot, but it looks like Royce Pipkins may be starting up a Milwaukee Robotics Club. (Possibly meeting at Bucketworks.)

We had a desk building competition (sponsored by Bucketworks) and I did not win, despite building two (yes two!) amazing desks…

Blake Hall and I (mostly Blake!) started working on the new BarCampMilwaukee web site & infrastructure. We should be done before BarCampMilwaukee4…

We’ll be discussing what worked/what didn’t and ideas for future *Camps in Milwaukee, including some sort of “FoodCamp” and DrupalCampWI2, and WordCamp, and others I forgot about…

Discussing where? At Web414 on Thursday, October 9th, 2008… 7PM at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BarCampMilwaukee3... soon!

Good gosh, we're this close to BarCampMilwaukee3! The whole thing goes down October 4th/5th, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Bucketworks.

BarCampMilwaukee3 Banner by KeVroN

There's also a Friday night pre-BarCamp party event being planned that we need to spread the word about. Details should be available soon.

This is our 3rd BarCamp in Milwaukee (hence the "BarCampMilwaukee3" title!) and it feels like we're in the groove of getting these things up and running. This year seems so much more mellow than last year. I've been keeping an eye on registration, and I've seen some interesting people sign up. As of writing this we're at well over 100 people, and I'm guessing we'll see that shoot up in the next week, and get more people who didn't even sign up attending.

Remember to check out the proposed sessions to see what people are interested in doing. I'm pretty excited about the Hobby Robotics Make'n'Take Session and of course the The Future of Microblogging session looks amazing!

BCMKE3 T-Shirt

And have you see the shirt Mike Rohde designed? It incorporates tagging! How sweet is that?

So join us! It's not too late to sign up... head over to and use the signup wizard to register... We hope to see you there.

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TimeLapse THIS!

There is the recent web414 timelapse found also at Bucketworks. This time I am going to post a link because I cannot embed video in my blog post here because Raster will not give me the keys to the site, rightly.

Web414 card 2.0 now in art production

Thanks to all of you who contributed domain(s) for the Web414 card 2.0. If you've contributed a domain, you should have received a link from me to a google spreadsheet showing the domains you will have on the card. Send me a note if you did not.

Tracy Apps will prepare the final art and we are looking at September 15th for completing that and having a proof ready to check soon after.

BarCampMilwaukee Promotion 2008 OK GO!

Here's last night's Barcamp Promotion Phase document in a fancy iPaper format.

Read this document on Scribd: BarCampMKE 2008 Promotion Go!

Web414 card 2.0 reminder -- deadline September 11th

Would you like to have your Web site domain name included on a business card we use to promote Web414? The deadline to send it in is this Thursday!

Please see the post about the Web414 card 2.0.

Nikol spotting

Lets all take a moment away from griping about our future for a minute and look at this nice picture and article of our friend Nikol from M. Magazine.

Free Image Hosting at

Look at me! I'm the Web414 Nikol stalker!

Web414 August 2008 IRC Log

There is usually an IRC backchannel at Web414 Meetings... Here's a partial log from the Web414 August 2008 Meeting. (Show me the whole thing!)

(07:31:34 PM) iraster: I made it!
(07:31:36 PM) tapps: gotta love AIR
(07:31:46 PM) KeVroN: AIRtastic
(07:31:48 PM) iraster: Linux is easy!
(07:32:00 PM) iraster: unless you want AIR on Linux :(
(07:32:16 PM) rohdesign: Linux is easy with a PHd!
(07:33:12 PM) tapps: linux isn't as easy as beer smores...
(07:33:26 PM) hypnagogic: you've all heard of inhale for linux--it's like an air knockoff (
(07:33:29 PM) rohdesign: or as tasty
(07:33:34 PM) KeVroN: beer smores are the shizz
(07:36:05 PM) heygabe [] entered the room.

Web414 card 2.0

Last year, we prepared a business card to promote web414:

Would you like to be on the 2.0 version? We share the cost of printing these among people contributing domain names.

If so,

  1. you must be a member of the site and have attended at least 1 meeting over the past year; and
  2. you must have a working domain name (up and running) that represents your work (your domain or a domain that you've had major contributions to); and
  3. you must have set aside about $4 per domain name you contribute for printing costs (plus a donation (if you have not already made one) to barcampmilwaukee3); and
  4. you must email me ( and use the subject line "web414 card") as soon as possible, but no later than 11:59 pm CDT on September 11, 2008 with your domain name(s). Domain names will be listed in the order received (unless the designer moves names for best use of space). We'd like to list it without the "www" so we can save space. You can have multiple domain names on the card if there is room. In 2007, several people got multiple domain names.

Also, I had suggested these might be used for a fundraiser for barcampmilwaukee3 and collect money at the same time, but let's keep it simple. If you get a domain on the web414 card, you are on your honor to also contribute some $$ to web414's sponsorship of barcampmilwaukee3.

I'll be in contact with you about the card printing payment and your domain name when you email me.

  • I'll collect domains until September 11, 2008
  • I'll make the order as soon as final art is done: rounded corners, glossy both sides, 1000 cards
  • I'll figure the exact share of the printing cost, and you can pay me for the printing cost by cash or paypal when I give you the cards
  • For the donation to barcampmilwaukee3 (any amount you wish; if you've not already made one), go directly to

Joomla! and Drupal and Wordpress

Some reading relative to the topic for web414 in September.

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