There is a lot of great content to slice up and post from Thursday's meeting.
But instead I made this John December classic.

Pezzettino performs @Web414

What a great show last night. Once again, we showed how it's really about the guests and audience. Huge thanks to everyone who shared the love during the Show and Tell segment, and a special shout-out to Pezzettino, for being the Web414 Show's first ever musical guest. Listen to and buy the albums! Take the Parasite Video Challenge.

Tomorrow's Fine Amusements Today

Through the miracle of internet, I give you: Slides for the July 9, 2009 Web414 show.

It's spolieriffic!

HTML5 Discussion

Html5 discussion from Web414 June 11, 2009 by Arlen Walker. 55 minutes of good stuff. I neglected to record the main camera angle for this talk, so all you got is the cutaway camera. We are a professional operation, ehy?

June 11 Monologue

I swear, the show intros aren't always this awkward. Who wants cake?

"We are Web414" promo published.

Who is Web414? We is.

Smarties who have subscribed to the feed have already seen this. Thanks to everyone who participated. You make Web414 valuable.

Hey! Here's some music credit. "Accelerated Lifestyle" by Revolution Void available in the CC way from

Web414 June 11 wrap up.


Thanks to everyone who came to last night's Web414 Bomb! It was fantastic. I love it, most dearly, when you all make me sweat. And when I stumbled over the opening gag in my monolog, I knew it was going to be a long night for me. Let's do it again in 30.

I've got the machines rendering over the weekend, so we should get the show in the stream at some point, but no promises.Video is hard, it turns out. You can, however, always catch the WikiBot version on Ustream. The first hour is here. The second hour follows.

Huge thanks to our guests, Aga and Arlen. The show is only as great as our guests, and you guys carried us last night.

Back from the June 11th Meeting: See the slideshow now!

I have flown my Delorian to the future, stolen and downloaded the keynote presentation for June's Web414 meeting at the Bucketworks. Oh my! It's from the future, so it's so much smarter and clearer.

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

the Web414 Show is now on

The Web414 Show will one day be an actual, regular internet show. Neat huh?

Subscribe to the Web414 show via iTunes, Miro and RSS.

Get your PeePee Pills somewhere else, spammer.

Anybody know where I can get a good deal on viagra? You may have if you'd recently been looking at the comments on Sorry about that.

Boner Pills.

Just cleaned up a bunch of spam from the comments and blocked a Moscow IP address. If that causes trouble for our Members from the Former USSR, send me the secret keys to the Confiker Worm and I'll reinstate your accounts.

Seriously, do enough people buy Big Wang pills from the internet that this is really worth the hassle? Srsly? What's wrong with people?

Slides for Thursday's Meeting

Enjoy these fancy slides magically culled from the future and brought to you here today. Needless to say, since they are from the future they contain spoilers. Which is to say, stupid jokes that are intended to surprise you during the meeting.

We will see you at Web414 tomorrow night, right?

Shout out to the Rohde

A tip of the Virtual Hat to fellow Web414-er Mike Rohde, who Tuesday gave a Visual Note Taking Seminar at

Look at Mike's Slides and be amazed.

It's always a pleasure to point out Web414ers doing awesome things. Nice work, Mike!

What is a PhotoCamp?

PhotoCampMilwaukee is happening May 2, 2009 at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…

Hopefully this brief presentation will explain a few things…

Expert needed

We’re looking for an expert on GnuPG to sit in the guest’s chair at an upcoming Web414.

Do you, or someone you know have experience or expertise with RFC 4880, OpenPGP, or Key signing parties?  Or do you at least think you could fake your way through a 45-minute question and answers session?

Shoot an email the Localhost to get crack-a-lackin’.

Most Excellent Bat Image courtesy of furryscalyman

The Web414 Show

The Web414 Show

This photo illustrates the new format of Web414 for 2009. It's set up like a talk show. We've got a guy (heygabe) at a desk, and a couch next to the guy with guests... Gone is the podium and standing, we're kicking out a relaxed vibe now... We also need to add a countdown clock, and a few other features, but hey, we're putting on a show now! Oh, and on the far wall, those are photos by Simon McConico of Valo Photography, which were still up from the previous night's Spreenkler meeting at Bucketworks.

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