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First Half of the Nov. 12, 2009 Show.

Embedded here for your viewing pleasure is The Web414 Show from Nov. 12, 2009.

This is the beginning of the show and covers discussion about MilwaukeeDevHouse4, and the perils of sticky tab keys. The "What do you make" segment has been extracted and given a life of its own, and the illegal public performance of copy-written work has been redacted by the thought police.


What do you make? (From Nov. 12, 2009)

One of my favorite segments of each and every Web414 show is the introductions. We try to mix it up a little bit each week and ask our studio audience to tell us something about themselves along with their name and contact info.

On Nov. 12, 2009, we asked people to tell us what they make. They shared. You guys make some cool things. This epsiode of the Web414 show is dedicated to the makers who make. We love you, makers! You make us proud.

Grab other formats and stuff on

Web414 Rides Again!

Web414 November 2009

We were happy to be back at the Chase Commerce Center (the location of BarCampMilwaukee4) for the November 2009 Web414 Meeting...

There was a great discussion about how you run your business (be it small business or freelancing) and how to deal with clients, getting paid, insurance (or lack of) and lot's of other things. This is always a hot topic, and one we're sure to revisit in the future.

Where will we be next month? Who knows? The ongoing TBD venue question is always exciting, no?

Web414 Prezi for Nov. 12, 2009

Web414 Show for October 8, 2009: Post Office Fail!

If any @Web414ers out there have a connection within the United States Post Office, can you please have them look around and see if they've seen a MiniDV tape? It's small, black and has a label on it that says "BarCamp." Pete tried to send it to me in an envelope, but I guess the post office finds envelopes confusing and overwhelming these days. Pete informs me that he used at least 1/3 more envelope to mail me the tape than I received. I don't mind if the US Post office keeps the rest of the envelope. I just would kind of like the tape back.


The funny* thing is, it doesn't have any BarCamp footage on it. It has the first hour of Oct. 8th's Web414 meeting on it, including our Web414 Ideas session, and my interview with the faboo Amy Kant.

The only saving grace is that you can still watch parts of the show on the ustreams. Where the lighting is bad, the sound is worse, and all the jokes are below average.

*Not Ha-Ha funny. More like "Oh, this is unbearably sad" funny. Like at a funeral for a good friend.

Barcamp Talk: Web414 Hour 2: Oct. 8, 2009

Hey! Look! It's the formatted for iPhone version of the Web414 show from Oct. 8th, 2009. This 45 minute wonder is a post-unconference discussion about BarCampMilwaukee4. Watch and be amazed at a group of grownups reminiscing about something they did six days earlier.

However, if you're wondering what kinds of things happen at a BarcampMilwaukee event, this is probably pretty good content.

As always, much love to our temporary venue friends: C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions. C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions is one of Milwaukee's finest creativity centers, featuring training, talent placement, and OUPS. Put some in your brain.

Also, note the #GabeFail. I posted this episode to my personal account. I'll fix it later, but I didn't want to make you all wait to see this riveting content any longer than you've already done did.

Watch this site for announcements about great awesomeness planned for November in the Web414 space!

Everyone Loves a Good Show

We love it when you come to Web414, we really do, but we know you can't always make it, heck sometimes we can't make it, but we try...

You probably know we have what we like to call a "Staff Photographer" in John December, and we thank him for his efforts, but hey, we welcome anyone to come and take photos, and share them with the world under an open license. It's all good...

While photos are a great way to document the show/event/meeting, whatever it is - we also love to broadcast it live to the world, and that's where you come in. You've probably seen that Gabe and I set up cameras and record the show, and we usually try to stream it as well, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, so we're looking for people to help with these tasks. Do you want to be in charge of a video camera? Moving it around, pointing it at things? Do you want to stream it live from your laptop so someone (besides Gabe!) can keep an eye on it? Do you want to follow the IRC channel for people not there, in case they have questions/comments? Do you want to bring some mics and give us actual audio for the stream watchers to hear?

We'd love for people to help out with these things... just show up, and let us know what you want to do, and we'll try to accommodate you, and thank you, and love you.

So... what can you do for Web414?

Sept. 10, 2009: Web414 talks with Ryan Graves about Failure.

The second hour from our Sept. 10th meeting, held at C2 in Milwaukee: Ryan Graves talks with Web414 about what it takes to Fail.

I've decided to standardize the file format on "Playable on iPhone," so if you've got the inclination, you can subscribe to the show's feed at

Web414 Rocked tonight.

Web414 has always been about its community, and I wish I was able to personally thank each and every one of you who contribute to her. I was very worried going into tonight's show that the Web414 I know and love wasn't going to be able to transcend the temporary loss of our venue partner. I need not have been concerned.
What a great show! Thanks to Ryan and Greg for sharing their stories, and to all of you for coming out to participate. Even thanks to you lazy crumbs who stayed home and watched on the ustreams. I forgot to record that feed, but we'll have the DV mixes going up on our feed soon enough.
Thanks especially to our friends at C2, whose gracious hosting and provision of consumables and bandwidth helped to make tonight's Web414 meeting feel like home.

Web414 is where Web414 is. Thank you for being part of it. This is going to be an exciting month for Web414. Barcamp is less than a month off, and we may even have some exciting news in the coming weeks about Web414's future.

Until then, we'll see you guys at Barcamp.

Call for T-shirt designs

You can design the next BarCampMilwaukee T-shirt. And you should. Or I will. And I like unicorns and fairies on my t-shirts.


There are a couple of catches though:

  1. Color Choices: One color for the front. One color for the back. Full size images on both. Details of the exact dimentions are forthcoming, but for now, just assume you're working from 12" by 12" image spaces.
  2. The BarCampMilwaukee Logo, which you can download here, must appear on the back of the t-shirt somewhere, in some recognizable form.
  3. There must be room for a list of sponsors on the back. Typically 12-20 sponsor names. The sponsors are the reason we can even think about providing a t-shirt. Give them a bone, eh?
  4. Have your way with the front. It should say BarCamp and Milwaukee and 4, somehow. Other than that, Bob's your uncle.
  5. The design mustbe Creative Commons licensed. The less restrictive the better. The judges will be adding bonus points based on this.

Submit your high resolution 1-color artwork By SEPTEMBER 15 to

(Image credit)

Web card 2.0 sent to printing

The web414 card has been sent to the printers at; the delivery time with standard shipping is about 7 to 10 days..



Buying a drobo?

Hey, in case you guys ever want to buy a Drobo, you might think about buying one using these links. If you do, your good friends at Web414 get a cut of sale, which benefits all of us, right? We can have a year-end party, or sponsor BarCampMilwaukee4, or something.

You'll need a Drobo.
You'll need some drives.
You'll want the network attachment hub thingy.

Have any of our Web414 Brothers or Sisters used a Drobo? What has your experience been? Would you like to talk about it at an upcoming meeting? DataRobotics, would you?

"Pezzettino: You never know"

This is a clip from the July 9, 2009 Web414 Meeting. From the upcoming album "Lamb," Pezzettino performs "You never know."

If you're wondering what all the Pezzettino is about, you can watch the whole segment.

With that, the whole first hour of the July 9th Web414 can be watched in parts via the Web414 Blip.TV channel.

We're working on getting a better system in place for making the shows a little more watchable. Anyone with a spare Tricaster is welcome to bring it by the next meeting. We'd even invite you to the couch to show us how to run it. Until then, we hope you're happy to get these shows published for you. I think they're a step up from the UStream recordings, and I hope they're more watchable. They are a blast to produce, anyway.

July 9, 2009 Welcome and Monologue

It's the Welcome and Monologue from the July 9, 2009 Web414 Show.

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