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January 2007 Meeting Recap

We got off to a late start, so John started his talk on web publishing and the niche he's found. Part way into it Justin showed up and had a projector with him, so we started showing John's slides and walking through

We spent most of the meeting discussing web publishing and didn't really get to go around the room and meet the newcomers. We'll have to make sure we save time for introductions next time around.

Also, if anyone else can get a projector for the meetings, it would help, as Justin isn't sure he can always get one.

I'm not sure what we have on the agenda for February 2007, maybe we'll keep it that way and just go with an open discussion. (Of course there's always BsrCampMadison to talk about.)

Milwaukee Coworking?

Stumbled across Coworking | Milwaukee a little while ago. Does everyone know about it? What level of interest does everyone have?

I, for one, am really interested in an affordable coworking solution. Currently we meet once a week by UWM at Espresso Christoph, but the attendance is low and we don't always get the "big table".

What do you look for in coworking? Pros and Cons? What days/times would be best for you? What side of the city are you on?

BarCampMadison Go!

Just got an email from Ken Rheingans, letting us know that BarCampMadison is all set, and will happen March 3rd & 4th, 2007 in Madison Wisconsin at the Inn on the Park Hotel.

Also, a big thanks to Stratagem for being the location sponsor and covering half of the net connection fees.

Expect a planning meeting in the beginning of January, and after that promotion and planning will go into full swing. Let's make this as awesome (if not more awesome) than BarCampMilwaukee.

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First Meeting Report

The first official Web414 meeting was last night, and it went well. It was the first time at the IT Fusion Business Center. (One thing we learned was that you can probably park on the street right out front, the meters are free after 6PM.) Justin said we can probably meet in this location until June. Jeramey said we could also use the MSOE Kern Center if needed.

Justin borrowed a projector, but long-term it would be nice to have a projector for the group, or at least a list of folks we could borrow one from. Chad was able to plug in his Airport Base Station and give us all a wifi connection.

We discussed the new group, and talked about how it would work (no specific leader, group effort, ad-hoc and BarCamp-like.) The site is running Drupal, and we would like to modify it (through modules) to match the features provided.

For the January 2007 meeting (and all future meetings) we're hoping to have a presentation on a specific topic. John mentioned talking about how he makes a living publishing information on his web site. It would also be nice to see guest speakers in the future as well.


I've added some fields to the Profile page (sections for Personal & Professional information.) If you can think of any more fields we should add, just let me know...


We've got the forum up and running, and I've added some posts about the site itself, so if you are interested in helping out, please respond. We need people with ideas, and people who can write code...

First Post...

Ok, so Drupal allows for each user having a blog... Do we want to use this feature? It might be useful. I'd probably only post about issues related to Web414. What about others...? Thoughts on blogs?

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