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Joomla Jedi Needed

Hello people of earth. This is Jeff. I run a small design studio called (wait for it) Ganger Design. It's basically a 1099 sort of business, which has worked well in this post-2008 economy. We contract with developers, copywriters, designers, entrepreneurs and other folks in the idea industry. Enough about that. I have a Joomla project that needs a developer. It's a new site for a client. Nothing huge, mostly a brochure site. Launch date is in mid-May. I need someone who's got skillz, is trustworthy, and gets shit done on time, along with reasonable talent, manageable ego, and good character.

Interested? Give me a shout or drop me a line. We'll meet and talk about your portfolio of work, the nature of this project, budgets, tasks, expectations, etc. This could be the start of an exciting opportunity if this goes well.

I'd love to collaborate with someone on a longer-term basis, because work keeps flowing in. Who knows? We might become the Milwaukee interactive equivalent of Modern Dog or House Industries.

Wait, did I promise too much there? No matter. Let's talk about this thing.

Ganger Design

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