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Freelance Mockup to Wordpress Code Converters Needed

This is Jon Knebel from Milwaukee SEO Company ( I have been establishing an SEO company that will also offer full-service web design. The team currently consists of me and 1 subcontracting graphic designer.

We will be in need of someone who can convert the mockups that the graphic designer creates into code, and then into a Wordpress template, and help to create the website.

Currently, I am the one doing this conversion, but my time will be better spend doing website marketing and sales. My point in saying this, however, is that I will be helpful with the conversion process, and be able to pick up where you leave off if you don't want to maintain long-term involvement with the company.

Please leave a comment or visit the contact form on our website to let me know if you'd like to discuss the opportunities ahead.

This is for a sub-contracting position--not employment--therefore, you are free to designate your own rates and hours and location of work. We are based out of Bucketworks.

-Jon Knebel

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