About Web414

Web414 - Milwaukee's Web Community: The Web414 group consists of amateurs and professionals interested in building and improving the web today and in the future. We are a diverse group including designers, programmers, publishers, and entrepreneurs - all with a common interest in creating the new web.

We typically meet on the second Thursday of the month at 7PM at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Meetings are free, as is membership to Web414, but we do ask people to help contribute to Bucketworks, or join as a member to help them provide a space for us.)

The members of Web414 are actively involved in a number of initiatives in the Milwaukee area such as co-working, BarCamps, and MilwaukeeDevHouse.

(Just a bit of history, Web414 grew out of the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup, as the old organizer stepped down, and no one wanted to step up, the group decided to leave Meetup and do it on our own, so we did, and Web414 is the result. The first Web414 Meeting was held December 2006.)

You can also find Web414 on Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, and elsewhere on the Web...

Feel free to contact us for more information.